Monday, June 14, 2010

World Cup Fever

It's football's fever nowww. I bet everyone know about FIFA world cup right? don't tell me you don't know, i will laugh at you! LOL.
well, i'm not a football 发烧友, not even a football fans. I don't know anything about football but i got the opportunities to get more closer to football.

I have actually work for Adidas roadshow in MidValley on last weekend. I worked as a part-timer together with my cousin & friends. Fyi, adidas had launched a new product which is Adidas F50.
This shoes is the
WORLD LIGHTEST BOOTS ( 165g), which cost RM779.90.

for me, is goddamn expensive !! maybe for the football maniac, is worth. but for me, definitely
NOT !!
basically, my job is just to promote this shoe to the public, let the peoples try on our new shoe, let them go up to the stage & play a mini football games. sounds easy right?

I was supposed to gather with Eqing, Wilson & Junyi but because of this job, i ffk them. Sorry babyy ><

my random pic

chee ann & kin fai, couple

This show will held in Sunway Pyramid on next fri,sat & sun. Do come and support.

Off !

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