Sunday, June 27, 2010

I went back to Ipoh last friday since it's almost a month i didn't go back.
seriously missing everything there, feel more warm in Ipoh =)

I spent my weekends with my family & of course, the darlings in ipoh.
Awwww, miss them so much. By the time i stepped inside my room, i asked my mum why my room is like getting bigger? she laughed at me. LOL.

saturday went out with my girls in Jusco. I thought its a GIRLS outing but eric, wilson & feifei suddenly bumped into us. =.=" ok, since got to meet also , just make it sekaligus.
we had our yumcha session in Black Canyon. As usual, updating each other, crap, ke-po bla bla bla....walked around, did a little shopping before heading back home.

*random pic*

p/s: I will upload more pictures in facebook.

On sunday's morning, mummy woke me up for breakfast. Finally, my dimsum came to me =) kinda satisfied with my meal ! sister dated mum, bro & I for hightea in Papparich. My sister is Papparich top fans, alws pappa pappa pappa....

Headed back to kl after dinner and i got to thanks Karlin & Eqing for telling me the digi new functions.
I can facebook for free whenever i want to( at least for now until the trial ends) =D

p/s: This is some of the words to the "someone".

Please don't mess with me! Don't try to do anything idiot things behind me & your friend. You wouldn't success. If you want to play, let's starts the game! But kindly remind you that, you will never ever win if you play with me, bastard! Don't try to break anyone's friendship/ relationship please. Behave yourself !

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