Friday, June 4, 2010

I called it as EXPLORE RACE.

I'm hell tired today because I had a so-called explore race in CyberJaya this afternoon.
i went back to MMU this morning to settle my timetable for my coming trimester and i didn't know i'm actually going to register that because no ones tell me that =(

i got no time to plan my timetable so i followed 1 of my new friend's timetable.
she's the one that i got to stick with for my 1st trimester. Her name is See Wei. Fyi, she's also from UTAR, but is in PJ not kampar.
she arranged the timetable very nicely and i think i no need to stay in campus for like whole day =D this is what i hope for!!

I finished my class on Thurday. YEAH!

back to topic, i actually finished registered my thingy at 11+am and i'm finding my way back to Serdang.
i didn't get into any buses in KL before and i don't even know what bus shall i take.
i just keep asking the passengers, the drivers ......... that where is my way to get back home, what bus i shall take bla bla bla...... I marked it down in case next time i forget about that.
as you know, i'm blurry! Always blurrrrrrrr...... =D

My friend dropped me at Cyber Streets Mall. The staff told me i have to take
U429 bus to PutraJaya Central then change another bus to Serdang KTM.
Guess what, I have been staying in Putrajaya Central for about 2+ hours &
finally, the bus came!

when i reached Serdang KTM, it was about 4pm. I started my journey at 11+am from Cyber, and i only managed to get back home at 4pm. I used 4 hours just to back to my house. Awwwww, i'm so not used to kl life.

Before i end this post, gonna greet my babyy
Soon Min 1st. Dear, happy sweet 19th to youuuu!
Muacksssssss. Enjoy your life there.

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