Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I like rainy days. Can you just sweep away all my unhappiness?

my current situation isn't that good.
i got to figure a solution in order to cope with my problems.
so, what shall i do? no idea =(

come on Lee Yan Yee, you got to make a choice!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I went back to Ipoh last friday since it's almost a month i didn't go back.
seriously missing everything there, feel more warm in Ipoh =)

I spent my weekends with my family & of course, the darlings in ipoh.
Awwww, miss them so much. By the time i stepped inside my room, i asked my mum why my room is like getting bigger? she laughed at me. LOL.

saturday went out with my girls in Jusco. I thought its a GIRLS outing but eric, wilson & feifei suddenly bumped into us. =.=" ok, since got to meet also , just make it sekaligus.
we had our yumcha session in Black Canyon. As usual, updating each other, crap, ke-po bla bla bla....walked around, did a little shopping before heading back home.

*random pic*

p/s: I will upload more pictures in facebook.

On sunday's morning, mummy woke me up for breakfast. Finally, my dimsum came to me =) kinda satisfied with my meal ! sister dated mum, bro & I for hightea in Papparich. My sister is Papparich top fans, alws pappa pappa pappa....

Headed back to kl after dinner and i got to thanks Karlin & Eqing for telling me the digi new functions.
I can facebook for free whenever i want to( at least for now until the trial ends) =D

p/s: This is some of the words to the "someone".

Please don't mess with me! Don't try to do anything idiot things behind me & your friend. You wouldn't success. If you want to play, let's starts the game! But kindly remind you that, you will never ever win if you play with me, bastard! Don't try to break anyone's friendship/ relationship please. Behave yourself !

Friday, June 25, 2010

Do you know how much i miss my family?

Do you know i much i miss the lia's ?

Do you know how much i miss my utarians?

It's infinity. I wanna see their face so muchhh!
i want to eat mummy's dishes, crab, 大树脚, 炒粉, 点心 ....anyone?

I want to 边饮茶,边吹水! Woots =D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I don't know what to update but feel like typing something here.


I'm going back to Ipoh tomorrow. Gooooood !!
looking forward to met daddy mummy, beloved sister & of course my baby darling =)
i got so much to share with you guys. I could talk non-stop.
baby,i'm looking forward to our juicy meeting this sat, I wanna snap-shot like nobody business.

*my photo album is so empty =(

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

今天我走emo风,整个人都down down的.
大学的活动很多, 可是很多聚会都在晚上 =(
你叫我怎么去嘛? 想出席,但无能为力.

真的很想多交些朋友!I mean truth friends, not Hi-Bye friends.


Monday, June 21, 2010

I don't like to do the assignments yet got to finish that.
other that this, everything is fine!

I need some guidance on my report =(

p/s: I need some privacy, i don't like people imitating me. Take it serious!

Friday, June 18, 2010


I have attended OSE talent night audition. Adrian came to my place and fetch me to campus.
a big thank you to him because he purposely send me off to campus just to attend this function.
get to see some pretty/handsome faces on that night. Kah Yee taught the female contestant catwalk. She's actually the instructor of the cat-walking session.I thought it's easy but somehow it's quite hard. This part screwed me up. I think i walked like a machine lohh. HAHAS.

Mum gave me a call during my break-time. She insist me to quit this competition because she don't like i took part in this kind of performance. I told her everything & actually i don't know i was selected as the finalist also. I just want to have some fun during the audition. but still, she doesn't understand what i'm thinking. Well, maybe this is the generation gap. At the end, i quit this competition because i don't wish to have any arguments anymore.

i just wanna gain some memorable experience, made some new friends but she couldn't understand that! Never mind, i will prove it to you 1 day, mum!
i'm kinda sad about that and i felt so sorry to the people who in charged of this activities. I brought troubles to you guys. Sorry >


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