Monday, May 24, 2010

I love sunshine

Hii peeps! This post is supposed to update on past 2 weeks but i still haven't get all the pictures so i wait until noww. =P

Since don't know how long ago, we( mamalia) have promised at least to have a trip before we leave kampar.Unfortunately, we always fail to do so, doesn't success for even 1 time because there must be someone who is left over.

Don't want to talk much about last time, let's talk about this time. Aww...finally,we got our very 1st trip. I bet all of us have been looking forward for this trip quite some time. All of us have finally able to make a trip during our sem break. We have decided to have a day trip to Pangkor Island since it is near & much more convenient for all of us.

We took public bus to Lumut early in the 730am. W gathered at bus station & got into the bus on time.To be honest, I advise you to take other buses to lumut because those public bus is quite horrible. Not to say that the bus is very lousy or what but the people who sit in the bus is really....Ughhhh!! those foreign labor keep looking at you. I don't know what's actually happening to them. (please lar, tak pernah tengok ah moi kah?)

We reached jetty around 930am and immediately we took ferry to Pangkor. We were busy taking pictures all the way to Pangkor. HAHAHAS =D
Wilson brought his camera stand which was very useful while taking pics.
we took taxi van and visited some places before we went to the seaside.

Here is the picture that we went for snorkelling. The girls were quite afraid at the beginning because we don't know how to swim!

Our last picture before we leave. We wait for the sunset but the sky was so dark that time.

We headed back to Ipoh around 8pm. the bus was late so we backed home late.
everyone seems to be very tired after having fun for whole day.
i hope we can have more & more trip next time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My aunt has just passed away =(

This can be considered my 1st time time to face death.
I afraid. I scare!
I don't know how to face the music.
I don't know how should i react.

I didn't cry when mum told me that.maybe because i think this might be the best way for her.
she might feel happier after she leave this world.

Rest In Peace aunt.
I miss you.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Results has out ><
Oh my god !!

I saw Wilson & Fido message when i wake up and I was informed that the results has out.
This sem's result was rather ok but i'm not satisfy with my overall CGPA.
It still under 3.0, how poor i am =(

Registration for MMU has finally done =D I'm now waiting for my offer letter.
Oh ya, at last i decided to take management instead of finance. I think i should give myself much more time to chose.

I'm now headache woth my ptptn online application. It's kinda complicated because there is a lot of procedure that we have to follow.
now i'm still blur about that =(

Sunday, May 9, 2010


picture stolen from popo's blog

I have been working for 1 day in a factory which was recommended by Wilson in Gunung Rapat.
staying at home all this while made me crazily bored!! I wanted to get a part time job so so so badly because i'm totally broke after my Genting trip =(
so, i'm asking for quite a few jobs but i didn't get any offer from either 1 of them.
I prefer to work in shopping mall rather than restaurant/factory maybe because shopping mall suits me more =D

Since wilson told me the factory was lack of people, so i decided to work there for 2 DAYS!
RM4 per hour, got to work from 830am-630am. What i got to do is rearrange the trial paper, put them into a plastic bag & put on the tape. When i heard that, i was like "aiyor, sap sap sui larr", who knows that this job can be so so so so tiring!

Muscle cramp at night until i couldn't sleep well. Keep awoke because of the pain! Mommy has already put on medicine but still couldn't cure my pain. So, the next morning, i called wilson saying that i'm not able to work, same goes to Karlin. Pity both of us =( My hand doesn't seems like mine!

$$ is hard to earn. Don't work hard, spend hard.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 2

This is the second part of my Genting trip.
the girls woke up early & prepared for breakfast when the guys were still on their dreamland.
six girls slept in 1 room, while the guys all squeezed in another room.
Yenweii & I went to a Vietnamese cuisine which is strongly recommended by me while the rest have it in another restaurant.

I have fall in love with Vietname food since i went to Australia. Vietnamese food is finger licking GOOD!! their spring roll, grill pork, 越南河粉......slurpppppppp!!!
fast food can consider the cheapest food in Genting but now i have found out that the Vietnamese food is cheaper compare to others.

conclusion: i found a nice place to have my meal in Genting next time =D

next got to be our shopping time. I just bought myself 3 pairs of earrings because i'm broke. =(

before going back to ipoh

we headed back home around 4pm by bus. The bus is very luxury!! when the time we stepped into the bus, we all were like orang kampung, keep looking this and that =.="

that's all about my genting trip. I'm enjoying my sem-break now. =D
Have a nice day peoples.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hii peeps! finally i'm back to ipoh. don't blame me for not updating my blog because my home doesn't have internet connection =(

Well, i got a lot to update but i think i should update the most recent things which is my Genting trip. This trip was indeed a memorable one because I'm going there with my gangs.

12 of us were going there :
Boys- Reuben, Michael, Denson, Alex, Chaopei & Aaren
- ME, Sharon, Eqing, Angie, Yenweii & Ebel

we went there by van and actually we arrived quite late & we don't have much time to play all the games =( overall, we had a great time being together, right?

Fyi, i WON'T play 360 degree roller coaster because i'm scare and this time, i played that!
that's my limit,no next time!! really very scary larrr. 我怕怕 ><

swing is our appetizer,pirate ships made us scream out loud & cyclone is exhilarate! we have been queue-ing up for almost an hour for the so called F1 care race =.=" (goal kart) next, ebel recommended us her favourite bumper boat & yeah, is very fun!

We headed back to hotel around 7pm because most of us was getting so tired & most of the game has been closed. We took a short nap before our dinner.

after our meal, we walked around & played some indoor games before our movie on 130am.
ebel & chaopei didn't joined us because both of them were tired.

before the midnight movie, we planned to go safari but too bad, lack of time so we changed to Cloud9. the guys played pool while we girls sat there and watched that. Sienzzzzzz. I nearly fall asleep because i'm sleepy. I need music to warm me up!

We watched IP Man 2 together. The cinema was freaking cold! I wore singlet, short pants & a jacket only. I started to shiver from the beginning till the movie ends. I used my jacket to cover up my body & legs because i cannot tahan anymore. I just hope the movie can finish soon and back to my bed ><

p/s: Thanks Sharon & her parents for the free room. Thanksss!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Labour Date

A small gathering in Jusco on Saturday's noon.
11 of us gathered there and as usual, chit-chatting, slaking around.... Wilson's got to prepare for his show so he left us a bit earlier.
reuben's & his friend- bob? fetch the girls to JJ & back home. A big thank you to him for being so kind to us =D

all of us seems so excited for the coming Genting trip.
hopefully it will a memorable trip for everyone of us.