Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm very excited today. You know why?

because I went for outdoor photo-shoot today. This is my very 1st time ok? Whee =D
I knew i'm not a poser/model but i'm very happy that someone has interest on me.
HAHAHAS. i got not much confident at first because i afraid i will spoil the pictures, wasted the photographer memories & bla bla bla..

(without make-up)

I woke up early in the morning & get my self prepared before Cloud come and pick me up to the shop. (My eye-bag is very big because i slept late =P)

Sun helped to put on some make-up.

Then.........Here we go!

p/s: more pictures will be uploaded once i get it from Cloud.

Cloud, thanks for giving me this opportunity & sorry if i didn't do well today.
hopefully i did a great job!


Oh ya, before i end this post, got to wish Anson(brother) HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
大哥,你要和大嫂永远都 幸福快乐!


Cloud蘇 said...

we can do more best!

Fido said...
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