Monday, April 26, 2010

Counting down: 1 more subject to go =)

I have finished my Finance paper this afternoon and surprisingly the questions wasn't that hard. Thanks Lord!
however, there is still some careless mistakes =(
i have double checked the answers but stupid me still repeat the same mistakes. Ok, never mind! I'm kind enough, i can give you those marks.

recently I was suffering from insomnia. My life get so mess up!
I sleep late yet can wake up early. I don't know what happen to myself. I feel energetic during midnight and the problem is i didn't take any short nap in the afternoon. How come i so 精神?

I want to have a beauty sleep, can I?

I know i cant because is the exam period now, which means i have to struggle hard for exam.I will not sleep unless i have finish revising my things. Pity me =(

Pimples are growing, eye bags become more & more obvious, sore throat is afflicting =(
I want "something" to come so long but she still haven't appear yet. faster come please!
I think my immune system has become worst. I sleep late & i didn't do ANY exercise for a long period. how lazy i am, LAZY BUGZZZZ!!

I have eventually asked Sharon for aerobic class during our sem-break. I want to slim down. I want my tummy get lost because I want to be a healthy babee =D

I think i shall stop here. I don't want to make this post so long although i got pretty lot things to write on. It's time for Cost Account revision and I'm so death right now!! CA makes me so frustrated! Arghhh.....
after my CA papers, i'm totally free! =D

Good Luck peoples. Enjoy your day!

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ChiLyne said...

whr u going after ur foundation in utar??plan to take wat course??