Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bye Utar, Bye kampar =(

p/s: Ignore this if you don't like to see words. Thanks!

I got to leave kampar tomorrow=)
I have officially finish my foundation within a year and i'm headed to MMU around June.
I feel like crying at this moment because i really ng sie dek here as in this place gave me lotssssss of memories.

Although kampar is just half hour drive from ipoh but i don't know when i got the chance to come here again. Couldn't deny that kampar is really a dead place because there is not much entertainment here. sometime you might get bored because you don't know what to do other than yumcha!!
Mamak is the culture of kampar, students from here surely knew about that.

Kampar is a very special place for me because i think i couldn't find another place which concentrates with students. you might see students walking everywhere in the new town. seriously, I like this kind of style very muchhh!

I got to leave this place without any companion. I'm going to MMU alone & i will have my brand new life in KL.
I hope it shouldn't be a problem but i think i will feel happier if i'm going to stay with my MAMALIA.
They meant so much for me. I live with them for almost 1 year, we often go campus together, party, joking, watch ghost movie, pillows talk........I just cant finish all that.Too many to write on...

I miss the time when i live with you all! Here is just like my 2nd home, besides my ipoh house, i spent most of my time here with my LIAS & FRIENDS. I used to study here, sleep here, everything here, and now i got to stick to my own house.

girls & boys ( mamalia)

our very 1st picture

I met lots of new friends here & i'm glad that you treat me as 1 of your friend. I will never ever forget you all. You guys rock my life in UTAR. Owhhh, you all are just so lovely larr....
I will never regret to come here because I found something which is so precious for me. I always thanks god for giving me this opportunity to get this. My life seems more colorful because of this.

Got to stop here. This post seems a bit long. Fyi, i'm just going to KL, not overseas. I was like writing i'm going to somewhere far from here. LOL.

You guys gonna take good care of yourself & all the best in your future.
Wish to met up with you guys very very soon.
don't forget about who am i arhhhhh!!

Bye UTAR, Bye Kampar & Bye to YOU!
I miss you all.
Maksss ♥

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