Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Spot me! Clue: front row,sitting.

Someone has tagged me this picture on my facebook yesterday. When i take a look to it, i was like OH-MY-GOD! how come they tagged this?? this was already ages ago lohhhhh...
If i'm not mistaken,I think i still have 1 copied of this photo inside my photo album. I think my school magazine is still with me now, haven't 收旧报纸 yet =)

Answer: front row(sitting),left hand number3

Fyi, I was in Standard 1 that time, looked innocent right?
Standard1 was like dreaming to school because still couldn't adopt to the school environment. I begged my mum to accompany me to school EVERYDAY until i finished all my classes. HAHAHAS. how cute i am?
last time i was begging my mum to stay at my side, don't leave me alone but for now,is totally DIFFERENT! i hope she can give me more freedom, don't hold me so tight. LOL.

primary school was so happy because of 儿童节! This should be the most memorable things in Yuk Choy. I bet most of the primary students like this. Standard 3 worried about PTS, standard 4 worried about my Kajian Tempatan (Geografi) while standard 6 worried about UPSR. Wow, time flies, i'm studying in University now! not primary school, not secondary, is UNIVERSITY!

Mum always said after 3 years you graduates, then you will started to work, then marry, then..........(don't want to think)

Childhood time was simply sweet yet we have to look into future and move forward.
岁月不留人, strongly agree with that. Don't waste your time doing something useless.


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