Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bye Utar, Bye kampar =(

p/s: Ignore this if you don't like to see words. Thanks!

I got to leave kampar tomorrow=)
I have officially finish my foundation within a year and i'm headed to MMU around June.
I feel like crying at this moment because i really ng sie dek here as in this place gave me lotssssss of memories.

Although kampar is just half hour drive from ipoh but i don't know when i got the chance to come here again. Couldn't deny that kampar is really a dead place because there is not much entertainment here. sometime you might get bored because you don't know what to do other than yumcha!!
Mamak is the culture of kampar, students from here surely knew about that.

Kampar is a very special place for me because i think i couldn't find another place which concentrates with students. you might see students walking everywhere in the new town. seriously, I like this kind of style very muchhh!

I got to leave this place without any companion. I'm going to MMU alone & i will have my brand new life in KL.
I hope it shouldn't be a problem but i think i will feel happier if i'm going to stay with my MAMALIA.
They meant so much for me. I live with them for almost 1 year, we often go campus together, party, joking, watch ghost movie, pillows talk........I just cant finish all that.Too many to write on...

I miss the time when i live with you all! Here is just like my 2nd home, besides my ipoh house, i spent most of my time here with my LIAS & FRIENDS. I used to study here, sleep here, everything here, and now i got to stick to my own house.

girls & boys ( mamalia)

our very 1st picture

I met lots of new friends here & i'm glad that you treat me as 1 of your friend. I will never ever forget you all. You guys rock my life in UTAR. Owhhh, you all are just so lovely larr....
I will never regret to come here because I found something which is so precious for me. I always thanks god for giving me this opportunity to get this. My life seems more colorful because of this.

Got to stop here. This post seems a bit long. Fyi, i'm just going to KL, not overseas. I was like writing i'm going to somewhere far from here. LOL.

You guys gonna take good care of yourself & all the best in your future.
Wish to met up with you guys very very soon.
don't forget about who am i arhhhhh!!

Bye UTAR, Bye Kampar & Bye to YOU!
I miss you all.
Maksss ♥

Monday, April 26, 2010

Counting down: 1 more subject to go =)

I have finished my Finance paper this afternoon and surprisingly the questions wasn't that hard. Thanks Lord!
however, there is still some careless mistakes =(
i have double checked the answers but stupid me still repeat the same mistakes. Ok, never mind! I'm kind enough, i can give you those marks.

recently I was suffering from insomnia. My life get so mess up!
I sleep late yet can wake up early. I don't know what happen to myself. I feel energetic during midnight and the problem is i didn't take any short nap in the afternoon. How come i so 精神?

I want to have a beauty sleep, can I?

I know i cant because is the exam period now, which means i have to struggle hard for exam.I will not sleep unless i have finish revising my things. Pity me =(

Pimples are growing, eye bags become more & more obvious, sore throat is afflicting =(
I want "something" to come so long but she still haven't appear yet. faster come please!
I think my immune system has become worst. I sleep late & i didn't do ANY exercise for a long period. how lazy i am, LAZY BUGZZZZ!!

I have eventually asked Sharon for aerobic class during our sem-break. I want to slim down. I want my tummy get lost because I want to be a healthy babee =D

I think i shall stop here. I don't want to make this post so long although i got pretty lot things to write on. It's time for Cost Account revision and I'm so death right now!! CA makes me so frustrated! Arghhh.....
after my CA papers, i'm totally free! =D

Good Luck peoples. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Pizza time! It has been a long time i didn't have pizza because i prefer MCD most of the time.
Why kampar doesn't have McDonald? How good if there is one MCD branch here! ><

I went there with Fido after my revision at library. I'm looking for chicken wings so long because i miss their chicken wings very much. LOL.
both of us ordered quite lots of food until we have to dabao part of it (being too greedy sometime).
after we have settled the bill, we sat for about half hour for don't know why. We just stayed there & talked non-stop to each other.

Overall, a happy meal for both of us.

chaoz. Time for my finance =)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Spot me! Clue: front row,sitting.

Someone has tagged me this picture on my facebook yesterday. When i take a look to it, i was like OH-MY-GOD! how come they tagged this?? this was already ages ago lohhhhh...
If i'm not mistaken,I think i still have 1 copied of this photo inside my photo album. I think my school magazine is still with me now, haven't 收旧报纸 yet =)

Answer: front row(sitting),left hand number3

Fyi, I was in Standard 1 that time, looked innocent right?
Standard1 was like dreaming to school because still couldn't adopt to the school environment. I begged my mum to accompany me to school EVERYDAY until i finished all my classes. HAHAHAS. how cute i am?
last time i was begging my mum to stay at my side, don't leave me alone but for now,is totally DIFFERENT! i hope she can give me more freedom, don't hold me so tight. LOL.

primary school was so happy because of 儿童节! This should be the most memorable things in Yuk Choy. I bet most of the primary students like this. Standard 3 worried about PTS, standard 4 worried about my Kajian Tempatan (Geografi) while standard 6 worried about UPSR. Wow, time flies, i'm studying in University now! not primary school, not secondary, is UNIVERSITY!

Mum always said after 3 years you graduates, then you will started to work, then marry, then..........(don't want to think)

Childhood time was simply sweet yet we have to look into future and move forward.
岁月不留人, strongly agree with that. Don't waste your time doing something useless.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm very excited today. You know why?

because I went for outdoor photo-shoot today. This is my very 1st time ok? Whee =D
I knew i'm not a poser/model but i'm very happy that someone has interest on me.
HAHAHAS. i got not much confident at first because i afraid i will spoil the pictures, wasted the photographer memories & bla bla bla..

(without make-up)

I woke up early in the morning & get my self prepared before Cloud come and pick me up to the shop. (My eye-bag is very big because i slept late =P)

Sun helped to put on some make-up.

Then.........Here we go!

p/s: more pictures will be uploaded once i get it from Cloud.

Cloud, thanks for giving me this opportunity & sorry if i didn't do well today.
hopefully i did a great job!


Oh ya, before i end this post, got to wish Anson(brother) HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
大哥,你要和大嫂永远都 幸福快乐!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bye peeps!

In a blink of an eyes, I'm already going to finish my foundation in UTAR.
time passes real soon. I stayed in Kampar for almost 1 year!!
I very ng seh dek everything in Kampar =(

today is the last study week for me, wilson & yenwei. my gang has decided to wear BLACK clothes+ jeans.
we captured pictures like nobody business in class, cafeteria, & even book shop. =.="

i know i gonna miss you guys lots.You guys gave me lots of memories.
You guys rock my life in kampar & you all brighten up my life as well.
Hearts you guys OH-SO-MUCHHHHH.

Not forget my other friends in Kampar. without you all, my Uni life wouldn't be that perfect.

I appreciate every moment that we have been together.
I'm looking forward for our Genting trip.

hope you all will not forget Lady Gaga, me!
raw ma raw ma ma...

All the best to my friends in UTAR.
do remember me =D

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

我 ♥ 寿司

Sushi King RM2 Bonanza is back!! They are offering RM2 for particular plate from 12/4-15/4.
peoples are starving for this event so long (includes me) and the day has come. Whee =D

Wilson & I went to have sushi today after his PSP class at 4pm.
there is a long queue outside the Sushi King entrance. not to be surprise because that is what I expected.
luckily we went there a bit earlier, or else, i think i have to line up till the supermarket entrance.
we have been waiting for like 1 1/2 hours before our meal.

both of us didn't care how much time we have been waiting because it's worth after all.
we get a very nice place compare to others! =)

p/s: people there were like snatcher! HAHAHAS.

both of us had eaten 17 plates. Pretty satisfied after the meal =D


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


recently my mum keep complaining about my weight. She complaint that i'm gaining fatter and fatter & trying to stop me from taking supper every night.
I knew i wasn't that thin ANYMORE! my weight has up to 5x.xx! ><
mum, sis & even bro talked about that. =((
they said my face looks more round, tummy getting bigger, arm getting bigger bla bla bla..

dim suen? I think i got to start exercise but i'm lazy.
i prefer sleep rather than jog most of the time.
I said i wanna gym for don't know how many times but failed every time due to my laziness. HAHAHAS.

those dishes are so tempting, how should i stop from getting all of them into my stomach?


Monday, April 12, 2010


Final exam is approaching, what shall i do now? Should be doing revision right?
every time i want to study, there must be something annoying me.

I twisted my brain, scratching my head when i'm doing revision for my CA today.
死定 lorr this time. studied 1 chapters already wanna bang my head to the wall.
what about the others chapters? DAMN!!

this coming thursday my CA tutor gonna distribute my mid-term exam papers.
let's see how worst it is. 没眼看!

p/s: If you want to play, then don't waste your parents money & come here study please.
Wasting your time!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

We are 1 big family ♥

This weekend was very substantial as i were going here and there with my families.
mum and her brother sister had decided to help granny celebrated her 80's birthday.
most of us has went back but some of my cousin din. =(

On Saturday morning, sis & I together with jiefu has went to shop around in S.Wang.
Jiefu wanted to buy his new DSLR camera so sis & I decided to spend our time hanging around while waiting him.
right after that, we started our journey back to granny's house.

aunt, mum, Me & sister =)

We had our dinner around 8pm at Gemencheh,N.Sembilan. The food was rather ok but the price is slightly expensive. I'm not the one who pay so why i care about that right? HAHAS.
finally i got to met some fo my cousins. I miss them especially those kids. Soooo cute larrr.
again, photo taking is a MUST!

my cousins daughters & sons. kawaiii =D

Qingqing, Bro & Daisou

family pictures:


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pre-birthday celebration ♥

It's celebration again but this time is a pre-celebration for my jimui, Angie Ng.
her birthday falls on 10/4 which is this coming Saturday. Unfortunately, we all not manage to celebrate her birthday on that day,so we make it earlier. Hope she won't mind!
we had a karaoke session in Abox from 1pm-5pm.

we have bought a cake and decorated something for her. We hope she will like it although it's quite simple but we do love you baby ♥

before the celebration is going to end, we sang birthday songs & had a cake cutting ceremony.

Some random pictures taken today :

Group picture

Hope you and Michael长长久久,幸福快乐!