Wednesday, March 24, 2010

( random picture taken with Fido in library-bored)

Cost Account mid-term test finally over. YES!
however, last minute study works always doesn't work.
exam is quite hard for me and i can't imagine how the final test would be.
studied for 3 chapters already killing me! =(

wonder why i got no fate with numbers. since primary school my maths was already quite poor and now, i don't think there is much improve. Why huh? I just don't like to COUNT!

CA assignments is almost done,left Finance.
wouldn't be a big deal because everyone is doing the same question.
HAHAHS. how stupid is it.

Did some complaint about the payment of my bill.
Kinda mafan & complicated. WTF! after i make it, they told me seriously that they will take action and what i get at the end is NOTHING!
fine, forget about that! efficiency is kind of low.

p/s: Mummy b'day is on 28th march. ♥


Cloud蘇 said...

woho~ bf ? ye is~ ye is?

kirby said...

Happie bday to Big Ee =)

YanYee said...

what is "ye is~ye is?"