Sunday, March 28, 2010


I woke up at 9am today and have dimsum with my family at somewhere around Menglembu.
Since there is no aircon over that place, everyone of us were sweating & our appetite has totally gone! Mum just hope to leave as fast as possible after our breakfast.

After that, I went to saloon for a hair cut. I cut my fringe finally =)
I was bored with my hairstyle but i do not want to change because i afraid when i cut it, my new look is "shocking".
My "gaga style" brought a lots of bad memories to me! HAIZ.
My UTAR friends do called me LADY GAGA that time because of my fringe.
I swear i will never cut 妹妹头 again.

I'm happy with my new hair style =D

p/s: Happy Birthday to Mum & wish her 身体健康 all the time.
I love you, muacks!


Cloud蘇 said...

lolz.... cute jor ~ gam sin like 1991 de mar..... hahah

Blurry Leanne。彦仪 said...

LOL. don't like that lar. so bad! always emphasize 1991 =(