Tuesday, March 30, 2010


[top left: reuben, kher xien, chaopei & ebel, yenwei, ME, angie, alex, michael]
[bottom left: aaren, eqing, sharon, wingfei & wilson]

Here goes my gang in UTAR. i spent most of my time with them.
every single of them always make me laugh out loud. HAHAHAS.
they always joked & fool around.

recently we have spent even more time with each other. maybe because some of us got to leave?
i don't care!! i enjoyed every moment with you guys & happy all the time when we gather up.

friendship never end, i hope so!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Time flies in a blink of eyes. It's already 1 year! Last year i'm still wondering which U i should go and now, I am going to finish my foundation in UTAR soon.
Last year 328 do gave me a sweet memories but finally ended up with tears. Ya, i shouldn't mention about it!
I'm pretty fine now! what has pass, it's already PAST! no point mention it again.

I'm satisfy with what i have now. I appreciate everything I have! Same to all of you ♥

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I woke up at 9am today and have dimsum with my family at somewhere around Menglembu.
Since there is no aircon over that place, everyone of us were sweating & our appetite has totally gone! Mum just hope to leave as fast as possible after our breakfast.

After that, I went to saloon for a hair cut. I cut my fringe finally =)
I was bored with my hairstyle but i do not want to change because i afraid when i cut it, my new look is "shocking".
My "gaga style" brought a lots of bad memories to me! HAIZ.
My UTAR friends do called me LADY GAGA that time because of my fringe.
I swear i will never cut 妹妹头 again.

I'm happy with my new hair style =D

p/s: Happy Birthday to Mum & wish her 身体健康 all the time.
I love you, muacks!

I woke up late today. Friends of mine went hiking and I couldn't tag them along =(
Mum wanted me to stay at house, take care of my granny but I sleep like nobody business.
even they came back home, i'm still dreaming! HAHAS.

On the afternoon, Cloud & I went to Starbucks for high-tea.
I didn't know Starbucks can be so crowded! Aiyor,dudes now are so blessedness.

Main activities falls on night which is my mum pre-birthday celebration.
We had our dinner at Unique Seafood Restaurant,Tambun.
The food was finger licking good! I shall try it again next time.

family pictures

p/s: Oyster is not tasty like what i expected.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I always hope Friday can reach earlier because weekends is somehow so great to me.
No numbers, no memorizing, no worries. NO NO NO!
I can sleep throughout the whole day without rushing any classes.
However, shopping comes to me more often while I'm in Ipoh =)

I have taken my SPM cert together with my 1119 cert with Sharon this afternoon. Result was bad and i don't want to look more on it.
Why my science can be so poor huh? HAIZ.

p/s: I hope i can join them tomorrow but i just can't make it. *cry*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

(picture taken by Sharon while waiting for Wilson)

Everyone in my gang looks so happy today especially Yen Wei.
She is so in love with her SonyCybershot camera. She will asked everyone to snap shot with her.
everyone got to do that, no ones will left out. HAHAS.

Eqing, Wilson, Eric & Wingfei went back to Ipoh just now and left me, sharon & hong here.
sienzz! but staying in Ipoh without online & activities will even worst.

Gonna have a hair cut on weekends. I don't like my fringe!

p/s: Good luck to Kher Xien in his Karaoke competition.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

( random picture taken with Fido in library-bored)

Cost Account mid-term test finally over. YES!
however, last minute study works always doesn't work.
exam is quite hard for me and i can't imagine how the final test would be.
studied for 3 chapters already killing me! =(

wonder why i got no fate with numbers. since primary school my maths was already quite poor and now, i don't think there is much improve. Why huh? I just don't like to COUNT!

CA assignments is almost done,left Finance.
wouldn't be a big deal because everyone is doing the same question.
HAHAHS. how stupid is it.

Did some complaint about the payment of my bill.
Kinda mafan & complicated. WTF! after i make it, they told me seriously that they will take action and what i get at the end is NOTHING!
fine, forget about that! efficiency is kind of low.

p/s: Mummy b'day is on 28th march. ♥

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Since everyone updated about their blog, I think i shall update mine too.
I've spent my weekends in KL due to the Multimedia University open day.
going there alone at first but mum tag me along on the last minute.

Back to topic, the environment,facilities,others are not that comfort/nice as compare to UTAR.
but what to do? I have to leave too.
there is 1 more month to finish my foundation.

I can imagine that my KL life can be very boring without all my housemates now.
I miss their laugh =(

p/s: I'm sorry that i couldn't join our gathering on Sat. Sorry Zi Jing!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Should be struggling hard for my mid-term exam which is on next Wednesday but Sharon & I was having our own sweet time in Block G cafeteria. HAHAS.

p/s: Sweet day is falling on this coming Sunday. Muackss ♥

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1 2 3 4 5

(without any edition)

I promised myself to study but finally end up with blogging.
study mode doesn't on tonight, how?

I'm getting more and more confuse in my Cost Account.
totally blur. I need much more time to digest instead of that 7 study weeks.
i have to slowly figure out what the heck it is.
HATE that =(

Midterm on next Monday & Wednesday.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

finally the bag belongs to me.
Nose Nose Nose =)
but,i'm broke!
Ughhh..I don't care.

nice time hanging out with friends.
sister finally back from Aussie.
i miss Brenda Lee =D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wow!another week has over.
assignments & exams is coming up.
it's time to catch up with my studies.
but seriously i hate Cost Account very much.

This week is terrible.
Damn weird! i hate that.
I don't like to drop my tears.
I like to put a big smile on my face always.
don't do that to me again please!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Family is always the BEST for me.
They will give me support, motivate me!

Friends are the 2nd best.
I love to play with them, talk craps/nonsense, hanging out together.
I cant live without all my friends.
They are just so lovely to me =)

Nothing more than that.
I them because they make me smile.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Everything seems so well today.
Mum is happy.
Dad is very happy.
Brother & Ah Sou is enjoying.
Sister & Jiefu is excited. (going to Aussie)

I'm happy because of........
Dim Sum Dim Sum Dim Sum =)

To Someone:

You never knew to understand me more.
You never knew how much you meant to me.
You never knew that!
You always thought i never believe/trust you.
You always think of something that i really don't like.


Friday, March 5, 2010

There is still 2+ months to go before i end my foundation courses in UTAR.
i will leave UTAR after that.
i'm going to pursue my degree in MMU, Cyber Jaya.

i'm still considering what course should i take.
Aiks. I'm lost out of a sudden.
I don't know how my future would be.( no ones actually know that right?)

Business Administrative?
Business Management?
International Business Management?

No idea! I got to do some kind of research before i fill up my application form.
Somehow it's just kinda frustrated.

I hate this sem!
I don't like Cost Accounting & Finance.
I hate Calculation.
I hate Mathematics.
I hate Accounts.

I wish to have them at my side♥

Monday, March 1, 2010


First day of schooling, first day attending the Cost Accounting lecture class.
Wow! Indeed a bored one.
My heart flied to somewhere else after about 15 minutes.

Maybe i'm not interested in Accounting! Maybe.....


The lecturer lack of teaching experince? Don't know....

Cycled to campus with Sharon & cycled back home.
Hot & Tired.
Didn't know it can be so tiring =(
What to do? no transport.
anyhow, cycling is healthy isn't it?

Going to attend Finance class later.
Hope it isn't that bored as the Accounting class.

p/s: Glad to met my gang back. miss them~