Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I never expect my sem2 results will released on today AFTERNOON.
damn! It suppose to be out on 25th!
i went out for movie with friends and suddenly my phone rang(message).
guess what? someone told me exam results has released.

Wtf. spoiled my mood =(

Fine. Called Fido to help me check that out.
God bless. I got improve on this sem.
AND i got freak out when i get an A- for my Webpage.
i was like " what's going on arhh?"

the result was satisfied. No any "Cat" this time.
Thanks myself

Should i thanks UTAR as well?
Definitely NOT!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chinese New Year is going to end soon or actually is already ended?
Everyone seems like back to their ordinary life.
and i'm going to do so.


this new year was indeed a great one.
i've received quite a number of angpau even though i didn't back to N.Sembilan.
HAHAHS =) i love angpau

and this holiday i did enjoyed with my buddies & friends.
I enjoyed every single moment with you all

Movie is a MUST during CNY and i watched 5 movies within this two weeks.
I gonna list them out one-by-one here.

Name : Woohoo大日子
People : family.TGV.

Just wanna say "Malaysia Boleh".

Date: 14/2/2010, 920pm
People : Ding, Junyi & Yan Ngee in GSC

A very weird movie.
Junyi & I were like screaming all the time while the other two were like nothing.
Ding was the funniest 1. No feel at all and this movie reminds him about MCD & KFC =.="

Date: 19/2/2010, Friday
People: Eqing, Sharon, Boon, Wilson & Sean at TGV.

Laugh My Ass Out. HAHAHS =)
1st time sat at the front row.

Date: 20/2/2010, Saturday
People: Fido Lew,TGV
I thought it should be nice but actually it's a bit bored.

Date: 24/2/2010, Wednesday
People : Soon Min, Wilson & Jackie Wan at TGV
I like this movie the most. Very funny yet lovely

Signing Off~
Nites blogger =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year + Happy Valentine Day

It's Chinese New New Year poeple =)
By the way, it's Valentine's day too.

Hereby to wish my friends all the best throughout this year.

I'm very happy this year because i celebrated with my beloved family & friends.
Although can't celebrate Valentine but never mind lar, i knew i will have one next year.

All the best!

Angpau mari mari =)

Monday, February 8, 2010

I ♥ MCD.
I'm loving it =)
Always my best choice.

I ♥ my STRAIGHT hair, bye bye to curly hair.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I was supposed to update this post on last Sunday but due to the final exam, so till now only update about it. Sorry!
This post is specially dedicated to my best friend, Yee Ching.
Anyway, last Sunday 31/1/2010 was a memorable day for Miss Chong Yee Ching.
It was her 19th birthday.
we were unable to give her a big celebration, so we had planned a simple yet memorable birthday celebration for her.


I knew her since form1 i Prefecotrial Board. She was chosen as the Penolong Ketua Pengawas while i was selected as the Ketua Disiplin. We both worked as a team in school.

Besides, we also participated in Netball, Dance club..

So, basically most of the time we were staying together. Poeple always called us TWINS while in form1-2, even till form5, there's still someone whom confused about CHONG YEE CHING & LEE YAN YEE.

Reason why people will confused both of us is because we had same hairstyle, same type of spectacles, almost same height, and the way we act was RUDE.

I knew her for about 6+ years. She's my roommate now. Thanks for always take care of me.

Once again, Happy Birthday Yee Ching.

All the best to you


We had our dinner at Vegas.

After our dinner, we headed back to home.
actually there were a bunch of people hiding in our house just to give her a surprise.

See, she was so SURPRISE.

Happy 19th Birthday Yee Ching.

Buddy Ever

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Exam is over. Awhh,finally..
I have been waiting this day to come so long.
did not that well in this exam but i think i wont get a "F" on any single subjects.

Time to forget about the exam. It's CHINESE NEW YEAR next week.
i want new clothes, new heels, new haircut...
i need someone to accompany me to do all this stuff.

I miss my friends so much =(