Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seems like everyone is the Chinese New Year mood.
Sigh =( i'm in the exam mood.
I don't want that.
i want to buy new clothes, have a new hair-cut...
*sad face*

Tomorrow is the time for me to hell.
God bless me & my friends.

Signing off.
marketing time~

Friday, January 29, 2010

I don't like exam.

I should be struggling hard for my exam right now yet i'm blogging now.
my study mode doesn't seems like working now =(
the 1st paper is Marketing,god damn! i memorized most of it but......dah lupa!!
how i wish that i got a memory card,then i save all the info inside my brain and SAVE it.

recently always went to campus library to do my revision.
In fact just went there and enjoyed the aircon. ngek ngek =P
my kampar house is freaking damn HOT!!
library was a little bit too crowded. peoples were studying hard for their exam like me.
hahahs =D

Monday-Saturday is my final examination.
non stop exam for 6 days!
killl me please! kill me...
got no break time in between of it and i think i gonna burn midnight oil on EVERY single night.
my panda eyes gonna reappear! wtf.

yesterday did some kind of revision with Wilson & Wingfei till 430am.
HAHAS. three of us were making fun & talked craps. that was real fun!
anyway, we do study! not just playing around.

I've been staying kampar for 2 weeks and there's 1 more week to go.
i chose to stay here because i really cant concentrate while i'm in my Ipoh house.
so, i rather stay here and study.

OK, i should stop here.
hungry now! dinner time~
Good luck for those who taking the exam.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I ♥ Sushi

Fido has promised to treat me Sushi on today.
and yea, he brought me there and that's my dinner for today.
nothing much to write about because we just eat eat eat & EAT!!

after our meal, as what i usually do, cam whore!

Kampar Sushi King wasn't that good.
apa pun tarak punya.

Last but not least, thanks Fido for the meal =D

Monday, January 18, 2010

Joe Joe Joe

Okay, i don't know what to blog about and suddenly came out with Mr.Joe.
for your information, he's my ex-tutor (my public speaking tutor for last semester).

for this semester, i do not have to chance to attend his lecture and tutorial class.
He's a superb funny person.
i like this lecturer the most.
he used to call me "datin datin" whenever he saw me.
and i heard my friend saying that he's going to Aussie to further his studies.
Mr. Joe told me this semester would be his last sem and now, it's already end of semester2.
don't know when gonna met him again or maybe i won't have the chance to met him again.

Hereby to wish him good luck in his future and all the best in his studies.
Miss you Mr.Joe

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wilson 19th Birthday

It's Wilson big dayyyy!
first of all, i would like to wish my buddy aka brother Happy 19th Birthday and all the best throughout this year.
and also, i hope he can get a gf soon as i really hope someone can take care of him. HAHAHS.
my parents always thought that i got "road" with him.
I'm already sick of it.
told them many times yet they still misunderstand us.
blame who?
ME!! because of those PICTURES that we took.
Ughhhh =(

back to topic, sharon & popo had planned a surprise party to him.

don't know whether he like it or not but sincerely hope that you like it and had enjoyed your party to the max!

----------HISTORY OF US------------

i knew this fella since standard 5 or 6 in Yuk Choy, our primary school.
i could hardly remember he was a FAT & SHORT guy (sorry Wilson) .
according to what he told me, he got lotsss fans that time and he felt that he was so HANDSOME that time. Gosh!
time flies, we got the chance to met each other back in a camp at form3.

we contact each other back but not really that close.

came to form5, we went to state library together, studied together, bla bla bla..

and after form5, i introduced you to work in Bumcity. ( i didn't cheat you)
we used to chit-chat while working, used to have our break time together, used to cam whore in fitting room and NOW............................

you're my housemate!!

i'm glad that i knew you, Wilson.
you're such a funny person that always bring happiness to us.

i knew i'm not 1 of your best girl's friend but i've always treat you as 1 of my BEST BOY'S friend.
don't know why i will like to share something with you. and you this fella can read my mind sometime.


Wilson celebrated his b'day at Folie-Folie with his bunch of friends included ME! all his best friends had attended. i hope he like it.

*let's picture do the talking*
He was so surprise when he realized all his buddies has came.

Next round was in Barroom.
Some joined while some went back home.

I just went there a while then headed back to house.
they still have 3rd round but i didn't join them. I'm not that energetic.

i'm so tired and my parents will blame me =(




Friday, January 15, 2010

Sick Cat

This week was totally bad.
first is because i've fall sick and second is because exam is just around the corner.
Gosh! i'm still!

when i got back from campus library, i straight went to bed because i felt so tired & sleepy.
after i woke up, i can hardly felt that my body is HOT and i'm getting so cold at that time.
ok, i knew i was sick!
so,i ate Panadol and got back to have my sleep.




Tuesday -- sick
Wednesday -- thought i will recover yet still remain the same

Thursday -- getting better yet NOT. mum fetch me back to Ipoh on evening

Friday -- vomited for twice and i lost my appetite

nahh, i don't want to get sick anymore.
just simply hate that.
Ughhh =(

Monday, January 11, 2010


Popo did her hair rebonding on sunday.
she's now like a..hmm,form5 student. (back to her school look)
anyway, you look younger.

lazy to write about. again, let's picture do the rest of it.

Signing off.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sociology screwed me up!

Damn the 8am sociology class.
I'm fucking sleepy.
Ughh. =(

back to Ipoh luu.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Went to helped Wingfei in his Press Conference.

i helped them in their slide show.
and i made a mistake.
Sorry guys =(
anyway, the video is nice and the performance was good.

next, went to see Jessica's boy Press Conference.
went to support his show.

*i like their sticker*

the business class was indeed a boring one.
Ughh. the lecturer talked and we also talked.
so,photo session as what we used to do EVERYDAY!!

*Dino stupid face*

*boredom kills us!!*

Jessica & Me

Have a nice day =D