Monday, December 28, 2009

Okayy. back to campus today and everyone looked no different.

everyone was still busy for their marketing assignment which have to pass up today and those presentation.
this week is definitely NOT gonna be a busy week for me myself.

nah,three presentation on this week BUT......a simple one so not gonna be that stressful.
and yea, after this week then WOOHOO!!
PARTY babee =)

sister & I was planning to go KL on this coming weekend.
just wanna do some shopping there. that's our main purpose. =D
not to countdown or what.

besides, both of us are planning to watch 3D Avatar there.
i doesn't watch any 3D movie before. how sad =(
so, this time, i think brother gonna spend for ME! ngek ngek :P

went to Grand Kampar today to have my belated x'mas dinner with my beloved housemates & Angie.
finally..finally..we got d chance to dress up nicely and capture photos =D
wilson came out with this idea and seriously i thought he just joked with me.
he wrote on my facebook wall and i thought just cakap syok saja.
who knows yesterday when i bumped into his car, he asked me did I bring any clothes?
that time i was like...

"huh? serious arhh? ng hei gua..."

that fella even brought his bow tie.
so SWEAT! =.="

as conclude, the dinner was awesome.
everything is NICE.
the x'mas decoration is so cuteee =D

p/s: To kamparian:-feel free to visit Grand Kampar Hotel.

p/s/s: pictures will be upload tomorrow, stay tune

everything gonna be just fine?
hope so!

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