Saturday, December 12, 2009

followed my sis and jiefu to the clinic this morning.

mum took the number at 6+am and we get number 12,13 & 14.
thanks god! luckily not 20+..if not, i don't know when's gonna be my turn.

ok, back to topic!
the doctor said the medicine was effective and i got improvement.
Whee =) but still have to continue the therapy.
she gave me another new medicine which might taste better than the previous.
for me, no any difference i think. it's still the same!!


went out to Breeze Cafe with the guys just now.
(Sam, Cheng Nam, Chean Fee, Koon Seng and Shum)
had a pretty nice moment there. chit-chatting & gossiping.
Guys was also a pro in gossip actually. HAHAS.

since ah nam just live next to me, sure he gonna fetch me along.
how good it is =)

all of us were addicted in "Building Block".
keep making noise there. HAHAS.
we even took another blocks, joined it together and continued our games.
it's challenging =)

we scared the blocks will suddenly fell off and get punishment.
the punishment was not really a big deal but....the guys were pretty afraid to do that.

*for those who lose, he/she gonna put my handbag on and take pictures.

sam and i went to DR Park after that.
2 of us did nothing there,just for fun.

Good gathering
Good jokes
Good friends
Good Day
I'm happy =)

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