Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas was over people.
How sad =(

guess many of them are still in the holiday mood.

and yea, same do I.

let's back to x'mas!
bet most of them went to club to countdown.

for sure, that's one of the place that people will probably go since there's lot of parties & events.
as what i heard, most of the club was fulled especially Barroom.

*don't misunderstand,i'm not going to club*

this year x'mas celebration was simple yet sweet.

didn't got much to talk here.

i like to see everyone putting on a big smile when the clock reached 1200 sharply.

everyone was wearing a x'mas cap,some was screaming so loudly,putting on the spray, bla bla bla..

there's even firecrackers. (wonders who put it on)
and of course,there are POLICE.

once they spray, then kena tangkap already.
it's so happening at the town there.

so niceeee. =D
the x'mas environment was so strong!

Hope to have it again next year, 2010 with the same gang of people. ♥

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