Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of 2009

Time flies without a notice,it's already the last day of  the year 2009.
many things happened this year and also......
my memories for this year!

I've done lots of things that i will never ever FORGET

  • worked in Bum Equipment 
  • went to have my AEROBIC class with karlin
  • went to Perth, Australia
  • started my university life in UTAR
  • i met someone but ended up with sadness
  • attended halloween party - club
  • celebrated my 18th birthday with my babees





thanks my MAMALIA for always giving a lot of entertainment & care & love & fun.......
thanks my mum & dad for giving me so much of freedom.
thanks my sister & brother for giving so much care.
thanks my sister-in-law & brother-in-law for so sayang me.
thanks my friends for always giving me support.
thanks to someone as well for always concern about me.

A big THANK YOU to all of you.

Bye 2009 and welcome 2010.
btw, i'm 19 this year.
18 has just passed and i had a unforgettable 18th.
Hope everything will be pretty fine.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Picture session for the belated christmas celebration at Grand Kampar with the LIA & Angie on 28th December 2008.

Babee girl & Babee boy

They looked cute, aren't they?

2 bears talking..zzz

Girls in the house

Beloved housemates

I ♥ you, you ♥ me, we are HAPPY family..

I love 2009 Christmas.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Okayy. back to campus today and everyone looked no different.

everyone was still busy for their marketing assignment which have to pass up today and those presentation.
this week is definitely NOT gonna be a busy week for me myself.

nah,three presentation on this week BUT......a simple one so not gonna be that stressful.
and yea, after this week then WOOHOO!!
PARTY babee =)

sister & I was planning to go KL on this coming weekend.
just wanna do some shopping there. that's our main purpose. =D
not to countdown or what.

besides, both of us are planning to watch 3D Avatar there.
i doesn't watch any 3D movie before. how sad =(
so, this time, i think brother gonna spend for ME! ngek ngek :P

went to Grand Kampar today to have my belated x'mas dinner with my beloved housemates & Angie.
finally..finally..we got d chance to dress up nicely and capture photos =D
wilson came out with this idea and seriously i thought he just joked with me.
he wrote on my facebook wall and i thought just cakap syok saja.
who knows yesterday when i bumped into his car, he asked me did I bring any clothes?
that time i was like...

"huh? serious arhh? ng hei gua..."

that fella even brought his bow tie.
so SWEAT! =.="

as conclude, the dinner was awesome.
everything is NICE.
the x'mas decoration is so cuteee =D

p/s: To kamparian:-feel free to visit Grand Kampar Hotel.

p/s/s: pictures will be upload tomorrow, stay tune

everything gonna be just fine?
hope so!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas was over people.
How sad =(

guess many of them are still in the holiday mood.

and yea, same do I.

let's back to x'mas!
bet most of them went to club to countdown.

for sure, that's one of the place that people will probably go since there's lot of parties & events.
as what i heard, most of the club was fulled especially Barroom.

*don't misunderstand,i'm not going to club*

this year x'mas celebration was simple yet sweet.

didn't got much to talk here.

i like to see everyone putting on a big smile when the clock reached 1200 sharply.

everyone was wearing a x'mas cap,some was screaming so loudly,putting on the spray, bla bla bla..

there's even firecrackers. (wonders who put it on)
and of course,there are POLICE.

once they spray, then kena tangkap already.
it's so happening at the town there.

so niceeee. =D
the x'mas environment was so strong!

Hope to have it again next year, 2010 with the same gang of people. ♥

Thursday, December 24, 2009

finally, my Press Conference had overed.
*clap clap*
all of us did quite well and everyone looked quite enjoyed during the press.
So, i think it's a success to me & my group members.
every one of us paid hard in it and yea, that's the result.

i acted as a so-called "professional" hairstylist in M'sia.
and my wearing today was perfectly matched with what i'm acting.
my tutor said : " you really really looks like a hairstylist"..
i do look pro with my spec on it =)
i like my wearing soooo much!!
thanks Wilson!

Oh Ya, i'm death in my Sociology test.
got no time to study and i just glanced trough the tutorial and then.....went for exam!
monday night still busy decorating my press conference banner.
HAHAS. that's why i cant score well in my test.
i just knew 20+ question out of 50.
the rest all "TEMBAK"!!

next week gonna settle few presentation.
Ughhh =((
i'm more interested in Mass Communication presentation rather than the Business one.

Don't know what to do also. but i think Sharon has already finished doing all the slides.
*BRAVO* - ( term that we used to talk recently)

Christmas is on friday.
Here to wish you guys :

Merry Christmas!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME

I'm officially 18 now.
Happy Birthday to MYSELF

i had a blast on 18th birthday this year.
gonna thanks lot of peoples who gave me surprise ESPECIALLY the fire crackers.
i don't how you get it but i really get shocked when i saw it.
it's very nice =)

i'm SUPER DUPER happy to celebrate my b'day in Westlake & Shinjuku. I had a great moment with my friends there.
thanks for attending my b'day celebration & the b'day present.

*lets pictures do the talking*

this. so cuteeee =D

Group picture

Peace ><

Hearts you guys.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

followed my sis and jiefu to the clinic this morning.

mum took the number at 6+am and we get number 12,13 & 14.
thanks god! luckily not 20+..if not, i don't know when's gonna be my turn.

ok, back to topic!
the doctor said the medicine was effective and i got improvement.
Whee =) but still have to continue the therapy.
she gave me another new medicine which might taste better than the previous.
for me, no any difference i think. it's still the same!!


went out to Breeze Cafe with the guys just now.
(Sam, Cheng Nam, Chean Fee, Koon Seng and Shum)
had a pretty nice moment there. chit-chatting & gossiping.
Guys was also a pro in gossip actually. HAHAS.

since ah nam just live next to me, sure he gonna fetch me along.
how good it is =)

all of us were addicted in "Building Block".
keep making noise there. HAHAS.
we even took another blocks, joined it together and continued our games.
it's challenging =)

we scared the blocks will suddenly fell off and get punishment.
the punishment was not really a big deal but....the guys were pretty afraid to do that.

*for those who lose, he/she gonna put my handbag on and take pictures.

sam and i went to DR Park after that.
2 of us did nothing there,just for fun.

Good gathering
Good jokes
Good friends
Good Day
I'm happy =)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sociology presentation was over.
*clap clap*

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Management Study midterm

Marketing midterm
Webpage design midterm
Writing for Business midterm
Introduction of Mass Communication

All DONE!!

Assignments and Presentation are coming up.
1st presentation gonna be Sociology, which i hate the most.
lots of theories which i don't know.

didnt back to Ipoh on last weekends due to the assignments stuff.
the girls and wingfei were all staying back too =)
kampar is really a dead town in weekends,many place were closed and kinda quiet though.

yesterday evening was kinda moody because of that stupid fella.
your words can swing my mood off. ish!
promise me don't say those words to me again although you said you just simply mentioned about that.
i don't wanna hear that anymore.

seriously missing someone now!

Friday, December 4, 2009

time flies without a notice.
it's already end of the year,2009.

for my University life,week 7 has gone and week 8 is coming.
two months was over and there's lots things happened within these 2 months.
there was Happiness, Sadness, Funny, Memorable, Sweetest, Shocked bla bla bla..
for me, there was definitely a MEMORABLE time.
thanks to someone =)

i knew recently i'm very emotional, sometime i smiled while sometime i mad in front of you.
Sorry about that if i've offended you.
i knew you always try your best to tolerate with me.
appreciate it so much =)
i'm trying my best to do whatever i can and i hope that you will understand me.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Abit moody right now.

haiz. i don't know what's going on to me now.
i'm very hungry right now but i got nothing to eat.

i don't wanna eat biscuits.
i don't wanna eat bread.
i don't wanna eat oats.
i just wanna eat something that i like!

*please don't mention or "yingyiu" me with those things i couldn't eat ok?