Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not in a good mood while writing this post.
once again, i don't know what's going on to me right now.
i don't know what should i write on my post.
craps maybe? don't know.
it's like there are tons of things that i have to settle down.
But actually, there's nothing else to settle off.

there's lots of things happened recently.
problems problems AND problems also.

last sunday,there were 3 UTARIANS drowned at a waterfall.
sad to hear that right? although their wasn't my friends yet i do felt sad.
passed away in such a young age.
life is still long to go but 3 of you ended up your life without any notification.
it's really really really a WASTE.
but what to do? God want you to leave and you gonna leave.

*sorry for abandoned my blog for about 1+ week*

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