Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anson & Mimi

..Cousin sisters..

*more pictures will be upload soon*

Happy Marriage to Anson & Mimi.
(my brother & sister-in-law)

I've attended their wedding dinner at Concorde Hotel,Kl on Saturday.
woke up by mum early in the morning just to make sure whether i got prepare or not.
waited my cousin sister to come and we headed to Kl at the same time.

the bride starts preparing on 3+pm.
have to make up, change the clothes , set her hair, bla bla bla..
pity my sister-in-law. after make up then couldn't eat anything already.
it's just once in a lifetime so even it's very "mafan" also have to settle down.
wanna have the MOST important moment with your beloved right?

i've actually brought 3 skirts to Kl because i couldn't decide which to wear.
till the last minute i'm still choosing and i'm still trying the skirts. comparing which is nicer =.="
finally i had chose the blue wan. you know why? because my dad said "NICE".
1st time he commented on what i am wearing, 1st time he praised me leng.
HAHAHAHS. funny right?

dinner ended around 11pm and all of us get exhausted.
especially the bride and the bridegroom.

Conclusion, wedding is tiring!!

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