Sunday, November 29, 2009

From today onwards, everyday will be a suffering day for me.

have to drink those fucking Chinese medicine 3 times a day.

and every time i drink it, it's fucking smelly and hard to swallow..

OH GOD! how can i stand for 2 weeks huh?

then 2 weeks later have to start drinking all that AGAIN??


i couldn't bear with the fucking "NICE" smell..
it's fucking bitter..
anyhow,i will still goes on,i will drink it until i'm fully recover!!

i don't want to suffer next time!! i swear i will BEAR with it, i will.....

Okay, let me list some things that i need to abstain.

it's really really TERRIBLE!!

there's almost 140+ foods that i couldn't take.

1. Sour+Spicy+Cold

2. Tea( chinese tea, BOH tea....)

3. Any soft drinks

4. Dark sauce, Tomato sauce, Sweet sauce, Chilli sauce
5. BLACK PEPPER!!! (favourite)

6. Carbonate foods

7. Sweet potatoes

8. Sugarcane drinks

9. longan, green apple, starfruit, pear, orange, MANGO ( favourite)

10. rambutan, cempedak, cucmber, TOMATO, long bean..

11. mushroom, mussels, ginger

13. beef

14. CHICKEN MEAT!!!!!!!!!!! ( what shall i eat if i cant eat chicken, deng!)

15. mutton

16. FAST FOOD * cry cry cry*

17. Wan tan mee ( why cant huh?)

18. CHOCOLATE!!!! *faint*

19. FRIED FOODS!!!!!!!! ( what i ate everyday!!)

20. coffee

*part of it ONLY*

wondering what can i eat in Kampar now.
sigh =(

God Bless Me!

Friday, November 27, 2009

second post for today.
tomorrow have to seek for doctor.
my "therapy" gonna start soon.
got lots of things couldn't eat and drink....

no more MCD
mo more KFC
no more belacan
no more chilli
no more fried food
no more laksa
no more nasi goreng
no more nuggets
no more chicken balls
no more............

Pity me =(

Just a short update about these few days.
hmm,marketing mid-term test was over.
God bless, it wasn't that hard.
time to work hard on assignments.
others subject mid-term, presentation was coming up!
Wish me good luck.

and yea, i'm looking for outing!!
i wanna watch movie.
i din even watch 2012 yet. sigh =(
i dunno when i got the chance to go cinema with YOU.

i'm glad that you trust me.
i won't cheat you and i hope same goes to you.
never ever hope to cheat ME!

Sunday, November 22, 2009






Saturday, November 21, 2009

Event: Anson & Mimi weeding dinner

Date: 21/11/2009
Location: 大同王朝

Yesterday was a blast for Anson & Mimi. (wedding)
if you guys notice about my previous previous post, i was writing about brother's wedding too.
err, briefly say that last Saturday was the bride(girl) wedding dinner while this week was the boy side wedding+dinner.
understand what i'm trying o say hor?

Once again,congratz to Anson & Mimi.
and special thanks to my Jimui- Karlin & Yee Ching for helping and...
thanks for attending my brother's wedding dinner!
sorry for the inconvenience yea.

mum & dad, sister and the others included ME were totally exhausted!!
has been busy preparing all kind of stuff since morning till night.
wedding is really really TIRING.
have to follow the Chinese tradition, have to prepare guest list, have to choose the wedding gown, bla bla bla...
Ughhhh. beh tahan.

*more pictures will be upload soon or later. stay tune *

Friday, November 20, 2009

Alright, welcome back to blogger =D

once again,i've abandon my blog for few days.
hehehs XD

backed with Wilson from kampar today and had our MCD time in JJ.
we were planning to go Parade but ended up going to JJ.
and yea, i forgot to buy the thing i want.
Ughhh. nvm,should get it form my sister or what.
ishh! shopping do makes me happy & excited till i forgot something.

Wilson was planning to buy something for his best brother while i'm looking for my friends present.
i don't know how many present i'm owning now.
sorry to them yea :P
so, finally managed to buy 1 shirt to my group mate.


sometimes really wonder what to buy for the guys.
shirt/belt/purse/accessories ??

FINALLY! hahahas =)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A simple short post to Mr.lee.
Happy 20th Birthday to you, Emo aka Yewz.
although there's something unhappy happened to us before....
but anyhow i hope you will treat me as one of your best friend :P

Get 1 year older already, guai d lar.
all the best to you and your girl =)
err, i will get you your present soon or later.

...Emo, Happy Birthday...

Monday, November 16, 2009

my beloved sis, Brenda =)

Cousin- Joan & Jill

wedding poster & cakes

mum & dad

bro & sis

I ♥ my family

brother wedding dinner which held at Kl Concorde Hotel,last saturday.
a memorable day for our family =)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anson & Mimi

..Cousin sisters..

*more pictures will be upload soon*

Happy Marriage to Anson & Mimi.
(my brother & sister-in-law)

I've attended their wedding dinner at Concorde Hotel,Kl on Saturday.
woke up by mum early in the morning just to make sure whether i got prepare or not.
waited my cousin sister to come and we headed to Kl at the same time.

the bride starts preparing on 3+pm.
have to make up, change the clothes , set her hair, bla bla bla..
pity my sister-in-law. after make up then couldn't eat anything already.
it's just once in a lifetime so even it's very "mafan" also have to settle down.
wanna have the MOST important moment with your beloved right?

i've actually brought 3 skirts to Kl because i couldn't decide which to wear.
till the last minute i'm still choosing and i'm still trying the skirts. comparing which is nicer =.="
finally i had chose the blue wan. you know why? because my dad said "NICE".
1st time he commented on what i am wearing, 1st time he praised me leng.
HAHAHAHS. funny right?

dinner ended around 11pm and all of us get exhausted.
especially the bride and the bridegroom.

Conclusion, wedding is tiring!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

have fall sick these few days. aiks =(

thought it would be better but who knows it's like getting worsen.

damn! yesterday coughed like hell.

then sore troat & flu came along!

Please let me recover soon.
i didnt drink cold drinks.

i didnt eat fried food.
just let me heal soon.

this Saturday gonna attend my brother weeding dinner.

i don't want everyone to look at my *sick* look.


Pray God, let me recover soon.

*thanks karlin for take caring of me*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Due to my laziness,
i really seldom update my blog. hehehs

and.... i don't know what to update too!

wrote what i did everyday? Ohh, definitely no way!!

i need privacy and to be honest, my life is bored.

other then in campus then i will be at my house.
didn't go any other where else.


Management studies mid-term was next week.

Oh God! i just studied part of it.
This it the only subject that i liked in this semester so i will pay more effort on it.

I like this subject mostly because of my Sweet Sweet lecturer and tutor?
Yeah, it's her.

she's definitely the 1 who influenced me to like this subject.

hahahs XD

my study mood was ON yesterday but unfortunately when i went to campus....

study room and library was CLOSED.
thought to go there study myself and who knows it was closed.

it will only reopen on middle of December because our study room and library gonna shift to Block G.

i cant imagine next time when i wanna go library, i have to walk like thousand miles away.

seriously, it's really VERY VERY VERY FAR!!

oh ya, i had fall sick these 2 days.

cough cough cough and COUGH.

when only can stop coughing huh?

anyhow, have to thanks ALEX & FIDO.

1st, thanks my beloved datuk+ex class rep for the Hot Lemon Coke that you boiled for me.

2nd,thanks fido for the sweets. it's work for me! Woods is better then Fisherman =)
3rd,thanks to myself?? don't know.

Girls are hard to understand.
Girls are hard to communicate.
That's ME!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Suddenly makes me feel so guilty because of someone.

i wouldn't know what i said had made you so emo and sad.
i'm so sorry about what i said.
i knew i was being quite straight sometime.
but trust me, i didn't mean to hurt anyone.

I swear i will not say that to you anymore!
just give me a chance.


Friday, November 6, 2009

this week got replacement class on friday.

so i have to stay back in kampar till saturday, attend the Sociology class.
my socio lecturer was a long winded man.
he can crapped a lot that doesn't related to the topic for 1+ hour.
4 pages of slides and he cant even finish 1 page of them.
2 hours lecture and he just taught few slides.
anyhow, we decided to change out class to other lecturer.
for sure it will be better.

Wilson Mah,my cam-whore partner.

ok,back to the important part.
yesterday i had attended a Halloween Party.
it's truly FUN.
pretty lot of people joined the party and eventually i met up with a lots of Utarian.
as you know, barroom had a very limited place and everyone wanna get in there.
we all were like sardin fish!! ishh.
anyhow, we had a great time together. the guys went for make-up,Halloween Makeup!!
they looked so...err...DYING?
i don't know how to describe them.
but they looked quite bloody with their makeup.

I ♥ the beats!

i gave my very 1st time to these kind of event.
fully enjoyed on that night.
and thanks to my friends!
without them, it's meaningless.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not in a good mood while writing this post.
once again, i don't know what's going on to me right now.
i don't know what should i write on my post.
craps maybe? don't know.
it's like there are tons of things that i have to settle down.
But actually, there's nothing else to settle off.

there's lots of things happened recently.
problems problems AND problems also.

last sunday,there were 3 UTARIANS drowned at a waterfall.
sad to hear that right? although their wasn't my friends yet i do felt sad.
passed away in such a young age.
life is still long to go but 3 of you ended up your life without any notification.
it's really really really a WASTE.
but what to do? God want you to leave and you gonna leave.

*sorry for abandoned my blog for about 1+ week*