Sunday, October 25, 2009

First of all, i would like to wish my Buddy + Jimui + Roommate......

Happy 18th Birthday!

the day you wished has come and u're now officially 18!!
i knew you are happy with it and as your bii bii,i would like to wish you:

(1) Pretty all the time
(2) Smile
(3) Get a perfect SOON
(4) Don't always fall sick
(5) Stay smart
(6) Stay that "wild" and sexy
(7) All the best in your studies

Last but not least: May all your dream comes true!!

we knew each other since form 3,right? if i'm not mistaken..
hmm,during mr.ooi that time,i always sit next to you because you are the only person i knew in my class.
then f4 that time don't know why both of us turned to be cold to each other.
just "HI & BYE". doesn't talk much to each other =(

anyway,our relationship got better during f5 in library.
always skipped class and went to study together.
we even worked together at BUM for about 3 months.
couldn't believe that we were now staying under the same house + same room NOW.
anyway,i do appreciate the moment we are having now.


*Karlin's birthday celebration at Grand Kampar Hotel*

Micheal Loo

Angie Ng
Miss mamalia
Micheal, Wei Liong and FeifeiCUTE!!
cam whore partner,Wilson Mah
Lengzai, feifei
My datuk, Alex Lim
Couple, Karlin and I
3 cuties in my house. cool right? don't envy..
They just like to....ACT!!The guys & B'day girl

Apa sal?
6 of us without eric =(
Group picture
Karlin, you looked stunning that night! Muacks~

Friday, October 23, 2009

Today is friday,the last day of this week.

gone through all the lecturer classes this week and it's quite OK for me except for the Webpage Design.

seriously it's the HARDEST subject in this semester because i'm not a pro in computer.

i don't like to type CODES!!!!!!



i don't know what Mr.Leong said also =.="

* cam whore in toilet*

Headed back to ipoh right after our class.

Junyi and Ding were coming back this week and we planned to have a pre-birthday celebration with Ms.Sharon.

we decided to have our dinner together at a Japanese Restaurant, A LAII.
dismissed at 10+pm and got nothing to do.
so...went for a movie in JJ-Cloudy Chance Of Meatball.

The b'day girl-Sharon Teo
Ji Muii-Wilson MahMy buddy-Junyi LimSmart guy-Ding Yoong ShenCute guy-Edwin YipThree of us =) Ding,ME,JunyiGroup picture =)
Oh Ya, yeesterday the twins in my campus gave me something that makes me feel shocked.
didnt expect that they will give me the Piglet =)
thanks to you both.
2 of you...really...CUTE!!!!!!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1st & 2nd day of my new semester was abit bored.

just have to attend the lecturer class and the tutorial class will starts on next week.
management studies and marketing got freaking lots of things to MEMORIZE.

chapter 1 was already killing me =(

seems like got lots of things to study and memorize and study.
for those who likes to memorize,congratz!!

this semester will definitely suits you.

i prefer memorizing compare to calculating stuff but....
it's seems like all subject also based on MEMORIZING!!
wtf. week 5 gonna have midterm test somemore. GOSH!!

well,i'm back to my gang again.
i miss them =)
got to met back my beloved housemates ( sharon,popo,wilson, feifei and hongzai)

so sad that i cant met my laopo,eric there.

he's going to overseas today =(

i have not met for almost 1 MONTH already.

eric,faster come back!!
* want to see you + ........SOUVENIR*

ok,1st day back to kampar was so funny.

our house got flood AGAIN.

wonder how many times it happened already.

ya,kitchen was all wet because we didnt put the washing machine tape to the toilet and....

water straight cames out and our kitchen had a so-called-banjir.

1st night coming back then this kind of things happened.

hahahs XD

back to these 2 days,hmm,so far so good in kampar.

went out dinner and yumcha as usual.

Maha Maju(MM)-me & popo favourite place.

used to be ghany but we changed because we realized MM is better.

*lame stuff*- everyone with he/her P license

Wilson Mah

Kah Hong
Wing Fei
ME!!! i got P license also.hahahahs (not pro at all)
Sharon got too but she forgot to take it out. *ganti dulu*
Taadaa!!! Yee Ching with her L license. she havent take her P yet. Ganbateh lu...