Tuesday, September 29, 2009

today was just simply nice.

do enjoyed myself =)
bought things for myself, starbucks, bla bla bla..
Dataran Pahlawan is NICE!!
went there with my cousin,XM.
both of us really enjoy ourself to the max.

oh,seriously really pk already.
totally broke!!
got no income yet still spend money.

*let's picture do the job*

She's my cousin,Charls May.

i'm looking for trip.
Genting? that's what i hope for.
still in progress. anyone interested?
gonna fill up my sembreak with activities.
dates, gathering, yumcha....

are all....


hope you enjoy your holiday
take good care of yourself!

Monday, September 28, 2009

currently staying at tampin,malacca.

life here was quite relaxing and enjoying compare to popo house.
not to say popo house is bad yet it's bored.
astro is the only entertainment there and my cousin all didn't come back.

mum said: "我看你这么闷,我还闷啊"..
that's what my mum said to me.

i'm staying in my uncle's house.
there was a girl name Shan Shan.
oh,what a lovely girl!
1st day saw her then she let me hug her already.
then 2nd day she will keep calling me "jiejie, jiejie, jiejie" like that.
so cute lar her.

will be going to malacca town tomorrow with my cousin on evening or what.
uncle gave me 100bucks to buy whatever i like.
so paiseh lar. gave it back but he don't want.
honestly,i really pk already.
spent a lot on this few days.

i miss my bibi
i miss my babe
i miss them!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

i'm now in KL,staying at my brothers house.
might be going to grandmum's house on tomorrow evening.
it's been a time i didn't back malacca already.

well, the bigger i were, i felt that popo house really got nothing to play if my cousins didn't come and join with me.
i'm searching for movies,dramas or anything that can ease my boredom.
get lots of movies from my brothers. =)

yesterday hang out with my god-brother at JJ.
gor,thanks for treating me the movie,the drinks and thanks for being my driver.
and....i did enjoyed when both of us playing the childish games.
hahas xD (that's really my 1st time)
i lose but i'm happy because it's truly fun :P

suppose to join with my toudeizai and the guys at night but....
i thought i was quite "marginal" if all guys going.
sorry for releasing the planes.
i really hope to go with you guys wan.
i wanna argue with that "DEI B" zai!

anyway,i think i got the chance.
mr.lau,wait for me!!!!



Thursday, September 24, 2009

exam ended after suffering for about 2 weeks.

last paper ends on wednesday-23/9/09,4pm.
accounting really really tough for me.
anyway,i'm death in this subject.
hopefully i won't repeat this subject.
and please....GOD,please bless me that i will pass my computer studies and economics.
really worry about both of it.
i got no confidence to score even a PASS.
lousy right? poor little girl :(
just pray hard for me guys,if not,i will kill by my mum.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

finally can update my blog.
i'm happy with that =)
couldn't online in my house because the line had been cut.

gathered with my jimui at ipoh parade.
that's really great!


sookwei didn't join us.
such a long time din met up with her already.
i miss her lots.
everyone still looks the same.
hahahs xD ( i should say everyone is getting prettier and prettier)

oh ya,here to wish MAGGIE WONG & toudeizai-MR.POH happy 18th birthday!!!
finally both of you are offically 18.
i'm still 17+ lar.aiyor~
i still have to wait about 2+ months.
pity me :(

went out with mum today to buy my dinner dress.
i haven't buy any dress for my brother wedding dinner.
bought myself a pinky tube dress.
nah,i know pink doesn't suits me but the girl said i looks so sweet =.="
anyway,mum OK, i OK,price OK, then...........OK,BOUGHT IT!

online-ing in kopitiam with sean now.
both of us couldn't online at house so we come out yumcha+online.
hehes xD


Thursday, September 17, 2009

i look tired and "chan" here.

suppose to study my computer studies now but just simply no mood.
there's too much things to memorize.
for me,this subject is worst then SEJARAH.
at least history got a storyline and CS doesn't have.
everyone seems like giving up and same goes to me.
i just glanced through all my notes and i think i did my job.

went to study room this afternoon and sat there for 4 hours.
none of them accompany me so i'm staying there alone.

feels good because no one can distract you.

will be back to ipoh after my computer studies examination.

coming back to kampar on tuesday night i think.

because my last paper which is account will be on wednesday.
and after that,i gonna have my 3 weeks semester break.

no plans yet.

wanna get a nice holiday for myself.
any camp or conference?

if you have,please kindly drop me a message in my c-box.

*i miss miracle youth conference 2007 much.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i thought i was ok yet i'm not.

i thought i will feel nothing yet i do feel something wrong in my mind.
i'm hurt when i saw what you wrote.
i just realized and i'm getting hurt.
i could hardly breath now.
i'm emo once again because of you.
i'm useless.

i should concentrate in my studies now.
i shouldn't clicked inside your page and i'm getting regret now.
i really thought i'm strong but once again, i'm wrong!
now i knew that i'm still in recovery session.

i can chill.
i can smile.
i can laugh.


in this moment, feels like i wanna cry.

i don't want to shed my tears because of such things again.
i feel tired.

i want to be tough.
i want to be independent.
i want to be strong.

"i love myself"-that's what i told myself.

you're just nothing for me.
you're just a pass-byer in my life.
my life still goes on.
my life still that colourful.

can you please get out of my life forever?
i don't even want to be friend with you.
i don't want to pretend nothing to chat with you.
please,just disappear from my mind,my memory!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just pissed off.
What the hell you think you are huh ?
Holly SHIT!!
Please think before you talk to me!
it's just fuck!

*forgive me,i'm angry!*

i need someone who can control me.
i need someone who nag me.
i need someone who cares me.
i need someone who loves me.
i need someone who stand besides me always.
i need someone who can argue with me.
i need someone who can miss me.
i need someone who can wish me GOODNIGHT before i sleep.
i need someone who treat me as a little kids.
i need someone who knows me well.
i need someone who can read my mind even i din say it out.
i need someone who can support me always.
i need someone who can guide me when i'm lost.
i need someone who can teach me in studies.
i need someone who can be with me all the time.
i need someone who can play with me when i'm bored.

I need someone who can do that to me.
Can i find it? Any volunteer?
Where are you?

Monday, September 14, 2009

i found back my IC.

God bless me!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday to Sue Ann!


attended the english language class this morning.

now only i realize that i have not been writing an essay after my SPM.
and now,i gonna write it out on my exam.


went to study room and revised my maths.

oh maths,i just simply don't like you!
but still i have to settle it down.

saw HIM today,wearing the shirt that i gave him last time =.="
yea,i think i feel much much much more better compare to last time.

went for sushi after that.
10 of us went there just to enjoyed the air-con there.
gym session after that.
not much were going because....i don't know why also.

eric,don't paksa yourself please!

studied for about 2hours but ended up with facebook and blogging!
facebook is just simply attractive then my MATHS!
hahahs xD
try to control myself not to open my laptop but i still did it.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

exam is just around the corner but study mood ain't that strong.
still like lepak around. what am i going to do huh?

was quite enjoyed on friday hanging with my gang again.
really high to the max!!
hmm,anyone know who is Miss.Voodoo?
watched till halfway then changed to other place dy.
too bored for me! the guys sure enjoyed lots,because there were many leng luiss there.

err,supposed to back to kampar on yesterday night.
but i backed on today's morning.
staying at home for quite some time and nobody DATE ME OUT!!!
wtf!you know what? i have been looking my phonebook for many times, thinking that who i gonna date? BUT...i don' think i can find it.
how sad it is~
i was starving for the ghost movie.
love that man~
although it's scary,it's horrible,it's disgusting, but still wanna watch it.
weird right? ya,i'm!
so,ended up with paying 10 bucks to watch THE UNBELIEVABLE,怪谈!
SUPERB NICE!!!!!! thumbs up~
although some scene was really very disgusting but overall it's quite ok.

oh ya,dated with Ding during the afternoon.
mum went to dentist and she dropped me at kopitiam.
brought my lappie,sat there,oredered a drink and ONLINE.
*internet kena potong kat rumah,kesiannya~

there is just 99% between you & me

how i wish that is true
can i? am i too greedy?
Ya,i am! it wouldn't happen!

Friday, September 4, 2009


this is a special post,ONLY for Mr.Lim.
*junyi,se i so weidai,this post is just for YOU!!*

Wish You:
-become more lengchai
-become slimmer
-become stronger
-become smarter (don't let me tease)
-no more chubby look (肥肉甩一甩)
-supply for lenglui increase
-supply for WANTAN decrease
-successfully tackle the girl you admire
-staying happily in malacca
-happy studying
-back epoh more frequent
-can wear the M size shirt i gave you (ngek ngek)
-all the best in your exam
-come back epoh faster
-faster treat me meal
-faster treat me drink
-faster pakto,let me see your girl
last but not least---BUDDY FOREVER!!!
♥ ♥

oh, brother! u're finally 18!!!
big boy already,can do whatever you like already,right?

although both of us doesn't knew each other very long but two of us like very close.

hahahs xD how come arhh?

we knew each other almost 2+ years right? forgotten already :P

1st knew you in FRIENDSTER, then Cikgu.Zul,then......

we counted down for x'mas in msn,still remember that?

so funny that time.and for the next year,we still counted down x'mas in msn.
don't know whether this year both of us gonna do that anot.
hopefully not ok? it's childish!!!

about the recording that 3 of us sent to you,you better keep it.
very funny if next time you play it.

hahahs xD

next time only celebrate your birthday and give you your present!

i buy another M size shirt for you ok?

Enjoy your birthday~

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


我呆在家读我的public speaking.
今天下午woo diong diong又下来金宝
哈哈 xD

sharon said: Miss Lee conducting F language in DDK4. =.="
take a look at feifei :PGao xiu lookEric said: beauty contest??my PS lecturer--Miss Chan.