Friday, July 31, 2009

i got plenty of time since i settled up all my assignments but i'm lazy to update my blog.

hehehs xD
ya,i had a GREAT friday night with my friends.
(Sharon,Popo, Kay, Mic, Wilson, Wfei, Sean and Phon) + ( Chabalia+ Abby) for my very first time,i went to.... AMAZING!!!~
i enjoyed a lots with you guys there.
that's for sure,no doubt!!
you guys are really KRAZY!!

really really high to the max.

looking forward to our next outing.

I hope you are at my side that day

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not gonna write more about today.
nice day i had with them(karlin,popo,wilson,junyi and mickey)
had my breakfast with junyi and wilson at Wooley then headed to JJ.

Let's pictures do the rest :)
i'm lazy. hehes xD

my darling girls
my three little cuties

Mickey aka boon boonjunyiwilson aka GG

i miss you so much
where are you?
i need you so much
where are you?
our distance was far
i know you don't love me anymore

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm back to Epoh.

it was pretty nice when i lied on my bed and hugging my bolster.
last week was a freaking busy week.and guys,this week was OVER!!
i get my freedom back!!
bwahahahs xD

back to topic,i'm sick.
having fever+sore throat+headache+flue.
wtf.all came sekaligus.
suffer lots here :(
people in my house fall sick one by one.
so,guys,take the BEST care of yourself.

suppose to have my sleep now but yet i'm blogging here.
gonna met my dear Junyi tomorrow.
plan to watch Harry Potter but peoples comment were " tak nice punya" , "the ending part very cincai wan" bla bla bla..
since nobody wanna watch with me, so, gonna buy DVD and watch it in house maybe.
sad case :(
it's been quite a long time didn't go to cinema since i ........

I'm lying alone with my head on the phone,
Thinking of you till it hurts.
I'm all out of love,
I'm so lost without you.
(air supply)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's shout babe!!


monday-maths quiz 2 (done)
tuesday-account midterm test (done)
wednesday-submission date for english journal (done)
thursday-economic midterm test (done)
friday-submission date for computer studies+poster (done)

it's time to relax.
mama,don't worry,not gonna relax until my final ok?
just let me breathe for a short while.

suppose that i'm going for 2 lecturer class today(maths & computer studies) but i skipped both of it.
the reason why is just too simple.
hehehs xD
just too lazy to wake up early in the morning and went for 1 hour class then back home again.
but just for 1 time,mama,don't blame me!

yesterday before i went to bed,i burned a disc which is suppose to hand it up with my computer assignments today.
and guess what,i gave the BLANK disc to alex and he has passed it up.
GOSH! how blur am i =.="
i was quite shocked once i woke up and i saw the disc is on my file.
that time i was like "shit,sure mix up jor,pk dy"...
managed to settle it down after.Pheww~
*wipe sweat*

went out with karlin,alex,rueben,weiliong at night.
er,went to funpark in kampar new town.
kinda sohai actually.
alex was soo cute.hahahs.
i know you wanna get the doremon,but sponge box was not bad too,ok?
hahahs xD
yumcha session after these and eventually saw....
nice look~
doesn't saw you wear like that before xD
headed to westlake after that.
sorry Wei Liong,we saw that u're soo tired so we cheated you.
sorry my dear!
the weather was soo windy and there's sooooo many stars upon the sky.

p/s:Popo,you will love that if we cycle out together that night.

我其實很明白 夢醒了就不在

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No matter how much effort you put,the result will just remain unchanged.

i do study but's still the same.
what for i study till late night and at last, i cant able to settle it down.
seems like no point doing those shitty things.
was kinda upset once i sit for my account test.
feels like wanna cry.( i knew it's abit childish)
don't know what the heck makes me feel that.
do study but.....seems USELESS.
maybe i'm stupid or what..maybe..



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Latest pictures

went to Kl yesterday with families.
kinda relax~
no need to worry so much thins although exam will be on monday.
first went to Buntong,Mimi's house.
kinda NICE compare to my house.
hehehs xD

mama was soooo happy whenever she saw DURIAN.
she loves durian much and she just keep on eating and eating until she feels FULL enough.
100% Durian Fans but i'm not.
not really like that much since i'm small.

went to Sunway look for mama dinner clothes.
she bought旗袍 and she really liked that much.
but the price was rather higher.

having MEGA SALES everywhere but didn't much things.
though to buy few dress or blouse but ended up with nothing.
just a pair of high heels and formal wear shirt.
headed back to ipoh at 5+ and had our dinner at kampar.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

wishing you have a great day~
wanna see your cutie face,faster come back and have a meet.
miss u nah....

had my replacement class today with karlin this morning.
we changed our english lecturer class because both of us are going back to ipoh this weekend.
we cheated her and said that both of us are going back for HARI ANUGERAH.
hahahs xD (i didn't get invitation because i just get.....A's) :(

ended my class at 12pm today and as usual,after our class,we had our lunch together.
rueben,wei liong, wingfei and i went to KFC.
feifei skipped his class and back to house.
then both of us went to post office to settle our electricity bill which was already on the table for more then a week.
none of us realize that we haven't pay it.
just imagine that somebody is bathing,then halfway no electric supply........
muahahahs xD

once again,all people came over my house and discussed about our assignments.
we played at the playground before waiting they all came to my house.

this time really HELL lorr...
yoong jenn,weiliong and rueben all those sei zai wat me to present our computer studies assignments.
at first, i thought we gonna present it on our tutorial class,so......its ok for me.
who knows that they said we gonna present it during our lecturer class in DDK1!!!
oh Jesus!! present it in front of 400+ peoples arhh?
must be kidding lar,MEAKUTKAN saya ni~
hope it wont happen and it's reallyreally really frightened me,ok!!!!!

next week is a BUSY BUYS BUSY week.

monday-maths quiz 2
tuesday-account midterm test
wednesday-submission date for english journal
thursday-economic midterm test
friday-submission date for computer studies+poster

Arghh!!!!! how to complete so much things within a week?
can anyone teach me how??
*faint* *faint* *faint*

p/s: going to KL this saturday.whee~



Monday, July 13, 2009




然后自己就坐bibo bibo车走咯
wilson和eric随后跟着去ma da liu看看能帮到什么

不希望你受伤什么的(touch wood)


Saturday, July 11, 2009

i spent my 1st saturday night in kampar today.
usually will back to epoh on every saturday noon but unfortunately,exam is on next week so......
prefer to stay here rather then rush back to epoh for......NOTHING!!
no dating, no gathering, no farewell or anything else.
main purpose to go back home just wanna see my mama face!!
hehehes xD

recently really don't know what to blog perhaps i am just too lazy to update my blog.
hopes to have more entertainment here but yet there is NONE.
arghh!! suffering......
there's lots of movies that i wanna watch but i bet that i gonna miss all those movies.
Transformers,Ice-age 3,Drag me to hell and HARRY POTTER which is going to show on 16th this month.
i wanna watch HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!
hopefully i won't miss that.
i don't care if it just left the front seat.
hahahs xD

had Pizza with my dears today,then went to Watson to buy our stuff and headed back to home.
it's freaking tired because yesterday chatted with my brother,Junyi till 3am like that.
bet that his life there was SUCKS than mine.
hehehs.GOD BLESS yea!
waiting to see your chubby face soon.

don't know what's going on to some of my friends recently.
feels like troublesome.
not going to know more about that since i got my own trouble also.
don't wanna doubling my job.

..suffering now..

..Fill In The Blank...

i saw your face in a crowded face
and i don't know what to do
i never be with you!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I miss my older time in Ipoh freaking much.
Life was pretty nice when i was still in form5. (except for SPM)
university life just ain't enjoyable and fun.
get sucks in study+presentation+assignments as well.
Arghh,how am i going to suffer for another......err......2 semester wor!!

Got a little bit of home-sick now.
the feeling wasn't that strong when i moved to kampar.
but now,its starting to become worse.
i miss mama!! i miss my bed......
(i admit i'm still a mama kid's)
next week gonna sit for my mid-term test (computer studies+public speaking)
seriously,24 hours ain't sufficient for ME!!

*Mr.account,please allow me walk in to your life,pleasssseee......!!*
*Mr.economics,please let me understand you more...i don't know you at all!!!*
*Mr.public speaking,please let me know whats inside your heart??*
* studies,can you simplify all those things before i starts revising arhh?? you're are just too complicated for me.don't you know that????*
*Mr.maths,you are just fine for me for now.don't let me HATE you in future time....*

Sunday, July 5, 2009

had a nice sleep yesterday.
dreamt about HIM last night.'s just a dream :(
he doesn't belongs to me ANYMORE and EVER i think!
sometimes really envy my friends around me.
they had such a caring+kind boy/girl friend beside them.
giving them support and care everything about them.
how i wish that i could get 1 next time.

well,jiejie bought MCD for lunch today.
and actually i already have it on saturday with wilson,eric and karlin.
jiejie thought that sure i will desperate for the meal but yet.....not really!
officially,i'm getting fatter and fatter.
mummy get shocked when she saw i ate 3 bowls of rice (sangat lapar baru macam ni punya,jangan takut la mama!)

mama just keep on nagging me to play piano today.
ala ala,i admit i really really long time didnt "touch" my dear already.
mama,i got no time!! 24 hours ain't enough for me,k?
promise you next time when i'm back, "play till you feels that its ANNOYING lar"...


Saturday, July 4, 2009

*pictures after my new hair cut+1st time presentation look*

had my English language presentation this morning.
felt a bit upset because of the stupid projector!!!
what the hell it is! wasted lots of time.
don't know whether is the projector problem or the cabel or my laptop problem.
we should get started at 1110am but unfortunately,when we settled all the problem,its already 1145am!!
our class dismiss at 12pm.
OH my freaking GOD!!
we got to finish our whole presentation within 15 minutes!!
and the next group was waiting!!
what the heck!!
did it in a rush and i get stuck on halfway of it.
Damn Damn Damn!!

put quite a lot of effort this time.
was quite worry at the beginning because i was the leader for our group.
*jika tak buat dengan baik-baik,aku matilah......"
and this was my 1st time doing the POWER POINT.
quite satisfied with my slide and its quite nice.
bwahahahs xD

alex said i did a splendid job.
thanks alex!! how kind are you!!
finally our presentation was OVERED!!!
no worries~ PHEWW!!
gonna study hard for the coming MID-TERM EXAM and ASSIGNMENTS!!

*headache with accounts!!*
*Jie,help me please!!*