Monday, March 30, 2009

Went to kampar today with 5 peoples.
1 car couldn't fit in 6 mamalia.

have to say sorry 1st.

if i din go on the last minute,i think u guys will feels better.

well,went down with Micheal,Kay,Wilson,Eric and a girl.

i finished my aerobic class at 10am then had my breakfast with karlin once again.

quite rush because Micheal is going to fetch me at 11am.

lols.luckily i told Kay i cant,if not,they will be waiting me for more then 30 minutes.

stupid things happened!!
my phone was out of credit.
they sent message and asked me whether i get prepare anot.

i thought to use my house phone to call them,who knows...

no "tu..tu..tu.."

aiks.boom dou!!

went to mcd bought mc value.
just d driver of us wanna eat.

purposely sit till 12pm,waited the time to pass.

then bell rang,and the mamalia went to buy it.
we went to Gua Tempurung for a while.

look for the info of all those activites.

wilson said kampar life was BORED.

so,we have to find some activites to express our boringness.

really let him swt dou.

looked for quite a numbers of houses.
manage to find some houses that suits me.

maybe stay at Danish house with karlin or with wilson them.

he found a house,cost 6oo bucks,then include all d furnitures i think.

quite cheap.still considering. have to talk with my mum.

went to look for mic uncle's house also.

super damn far away~

i just got a bicycle lar my dear!
if i really cycle to school everyday,i think i gonna faint.

but i havent tell him yet.

dunno how to reject him.

he planned a lots but...none of us want it. too bad :(

after that went to kampar town for lunch.

stupid wilson!! make use of me to cheat eric.

then ok,fine!!

helped him but..

d mamalia told him the truth at last. =.=""""

later eric thought i was that kind of girl that like to cheat others then how? l
ol. apalah ni..

went back to ipoh around 4pm.

wilson,eric n the girl din followed us back.

because they still wanna look for some houses.

so tired today.

zzzz xD

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yesterday went to Jusco with him,WY.
that movie really SUCKSSSS!!!
at 1st,i thought that was a freaking nice movie,bcuz "bloody valentine"..
seems so mystery and scary,horror.
as the movies go on,its a bit funny. hahahas.
the murderer was so..i don't know how to describe him.
a man who wear mask,holding an axe,with a whole black costume..
he din take off his mask from d beginning till the end of the movie. wahahas x))
but there's a few scene really HORRIBLE.too violent.
the HEART has been taken out and the blood was splashing all around.

the stupid mamalia beside me just keep on laughing at me.
what's so funny worr.huiyor !!

After the movie,went to MOON RIVER with him.
having our dinner it think. hehes.
its freaking nice there.
enjoyed d music! everything was so nice there.
its so windy that night.NICE NICE NICE!!!!

well,back for today.
OMG!!!! what a boring day i had.
went to have my driving course for 3 hours.
hearing NONSENSE!!!! Arghh...
luckily i had my PHONE!
cant survive without my phone!!!!
i just wonder what can i do if someday somebody take off my phone.
hahahas. i think i will become more noob.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

happy birthday

Birthday | Forward this Picture

*my version*





*daddy's version*




HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....(sang it with a harsh voice.hahahahas.)

Mummy,I LOVE YOU!!

Muacks Muacks Muacks!!

Wish mummy:
(1) 福如东海
(2) 寿比南山
(3) 健健康康
(4) 长命百岁
(5) 开开心心
(6) 快快乐乐
(7) 永远美丽
(8) 早点抱孙
(9) 横财就手
(10) 偏财满满

p/s:Support Earth Hour 2009

Date: 28th March 2009
Time: 830pm-930pm
Action: Turn off all the lights for 1 hour

Don't ever say it's none of your business,you're one of the members on Earth.
Do save our planet!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Once you've been tagged,
you have to answer all the question HONESTLY
Lastly choose 6 peoples to be tagged.

1.Do you have secrets?
Ehh,i dont think i have. =)

2.Do you ever try a few days do not eat anythings?
I can sure it wont happen once in my life time.

3.Do you enjoy going to school?
Definitely enjoy d moment. miss it so muchhh.

4.Coffee or more coffee?

5.Laughter, or forever smiles?
I prefer BOTH!!

6.Who is more important? Lover or best friends?
Lover+Best friends+Families+Shopping+Studies=Important

7.The person you like is already attached, what would you do?
Depends my feeling towards him

8.What made you smile today?

9.Angelic or Devilish?
Sure angelic.hahas x))

10.How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
Start to have wrinkles i think :(

11.Who are currently the most important people to you?

12.What is the most important thing in life?

13.Are you single or attached?
Currently single!

14.What is your favorite color?
Silver (cool)

15.What is your wish?
Everyone besides me included me was healthy & happy

16.Have you wondered what will happened after life?

17.Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing someone has done?
NO!!!!! i'm abit narrow-minded.paiseh..

18.Which do you prefer? Spending more time with family members or the close/understandable ones?
Err,not sure.

19.6 people you're gonna tag:
Sharon,Wilson,Mun Yee,Xiao Mei,Siew Yee,...

p/s Mr.Sam XR: same as you,1st tag. LOL!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I had my undang test today.
i paid 27 bucks to resit 1 more time.

luckily i passed it at last. hehes=)

i wore skirt today and the mamalia told me i cant go in.

totally din think about that before i went there.

silly me xD

went to parade with my sister's after that.

they said my wearing couldn't match with them. =.="

we went into few shop and looked around.

lastly,i bought a skirt to satisfy them and me too.

random pictures

my jii muiis

Kay Xing/Angie

Eqing/Hawaii/Umbrella(love to hugs-beloved)
Went to ECONSAVE with mummy at night.
met chris and her parents.
such a long time din met with her dy.
Take care yea!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009




Monday, March 23, 2009

I had my aerobic class once again.

well,i made up my mind dy.

i m going to UTAR for my foundation course.
then i will transfer to UCTI/APIIT on my year1 since they accept UTAR foundation course.

the things that i wanna do now is i gonna remark all my B3 subjects.


pray that i can get an A's for either one of that.

then my fees will get half cheaper.

*my favourite shirt染了红色,damn sam tong*

its hard to find that shirt again.

last time Sharon also spends quite some time only found it.

the shirt is simple,but i like the logo and the cutting!



last time wearing i think(in SAKAE)


Sunday, March 22, 2009

I had my breakfast with Gorgor,Mimi,and two of her cousins.
then we went to Putrajaya to see those hot air balloon.

damn STUPID! thought got many balloons there but then..

i just saw ONE!!

its very very crowded! and its HOT!!!!!
we thought to buy the ticket and have a chance to sit on the hot air balloon.

but we saw d staff there pulling down the balloon.

Aiks :(

nothing much to see over there so we left.
our next destination is MMU(cyberjaya)

abit disappointed! some of the area was old and spoilt.

but the area was quite wide.

i think the students there have to walk a distance only reach their class.

went to ALAMANDA after that.

1st time went there.

heard before but dunno where it is.

went to MANHATTAN FISH MARKET for lunch.

the dishes..not bad! but brother,mimi and me couldn't finished it also.

its too much! and i don't like GARLIC RICE!!


Shopping time!

went to ESPIRIT OUTLET and brother bought me a jacket which cost 12o+.
i love it much!
its time for me to go back to IPOH.
brother sent me to PUDU.

asked for few buses but couldn't get it.

i get my bus ticket on the last minutes.

once i get it,have to get onto bus dy.


sitting with an aunty on the bus.
she likes to talk. hahahas.

btw,that time really headache.

maybe the past few days slept late and woke up early.

wanna have a deep sleep tonight.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Had a nice day today.
Went to 面对面 板面专门店 for my breakfast today.

ordered their 招牌香辣板面.

not bad and the煎水饺 is nice too.

went to APIIT after that.
i cheated the teacher.hehes.

i told her i finished my foundation courses at UTAR.

act just wanna know whether they accept UTAR courses.

and yet,they said they its ACCEPTED!!

the students brought me to look around.

its not as big as UTAR but i like the environment there.
went to fetch Mimi's grandma after that.

went to THE MINES shopping.

err,i got 2 pair of shoes and a watch. hehes=]

at night,brother n mimi brought me to KLCC.
went to SAKAE SUSHI for dinner.

d ramen there all sold out =.="

p/s:more pictures will be upload soon

went to MANGO and looked around.
tried 1 pants.quite nice but abit expensive.

went to 糖黏豆 had my supper after that.

not more then 1 hour then eat again.

but what to do.

asyik fikir nak makan saja =)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Went to Pro Muscle for my aerobic class today.
its just an hour class but i felt freaking tired after my class!


after that i had my breakfast with Sharon at香而浓 there.

the 1st things i did after i'm backed was SLEEP!!
felt extremely tired and sleepy!

had a short nap.i woke up by daddy after that.

still blur-ring that time.

i'm going to KL on afternoon.
he called me to pack my things but actually i dy packed it last night.

mummy fetch me to sister house after my lunch.

she was going to SYDNEY with my jiefu.
we sat d KLIA taxi to there and we arrived around 8pm.

didn't go there for 3 or 4 years it think.

still the same,not much changes.still that HUGE!

went to KLIA MCD after that.i'm so hungry that time.

took pictures before their flights.

i keep on teasing here while on the way to KLIA.

i said she doesn't looks nice in pictures,then got panda eyes bla bla bla..

She get mad and she said she wont buy anything for me.

Aiyorr,just kidding!!

Dont take it so serious larr.

You're always my leng leng sister.
I love you always!!

Brother fetch me there and we went for steamboat at Sri Petaling(not sure).

the food there not bad.hehes=]

after i had my meal,the went back to house dy.

p/s: more pictures will be upload soon

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Went to Syuen Hotel this afternoon with Sharon.
The education fair is just too damn crowded.

its full of PEOPLES!! Traffic jam~

arrived there around 1230pm.

then went in and looked around.

asked about d courses that i want and most importantly-FEES!!

after that,we went to parade AGAIN~
its just like my 2nd home. hahas.

went to Starbucks to have a drink.

then both of us sit down and played 积木.
i lose at last.sobx sobx.

busy sms-ing.

*hate those malay fellows*


went to YC there craps a while,take pictures.
well,she get shocked cuz i..

its a big deal actually but she just felt surprised.

hahahas.i will wear it more,ok?

Mummy get shocked too when i went in to d car.
hahaha x)))