Saturday, December 13, 2008

2nd day in pangkor

Yesterday din sleep well.
they played cards in my room,damn noisy lar.

d activities was interesting(snorkel,kayak)
d coach said the 1st things that we have to learn is "FLOAT".
all people have to wear the "baju selamat" ,then we have to FLOAT in seawater. i drank a lots seawater.MASAMNYA=]

i went kayak with a boy named "BB".
walau,that fello brought troubles to me.
his friend keep on saying wana make fool to us,wana langgar my boat n all that.
frightened me lar, but luckily....
they cant save themself also,so they din kacau us.

we have to kayak to the opposite island.
but at last,we reached there!!
can build up muscles if d guys want it.
my boat kena TERBALIK by durian n fat chicken them.
WTH!! but luckily tommy was there.
he hold my hand,if not...
i duno whr will i float to.

christina n a felo lost their spectacles.
chris found it at last but d guy...could'nt find it.
went snorkelling after that
this activities really SWEAT!!
once i went for snork,i wana balik dy.
really tak tau how to snork,just drank seawater.arghh!!


went to climb rock.
i din join,just sit there n wait for my friend to come down.
so steep lar!! how to climb wor...
better sit thr tengok orang get hurt!

jemur kasut!

sit har sit har.....BORED!!
so,go n cari seashells,but none lar.
not nice=]

before we go back,hungry tim...
then bought some cempedak back to hostel,man man eat.
we went thr with those mad guys.
kena played by the fellos.
I'm the most kesian wan.

Friday, December 12, 2008

1st day in pangkor

eh,after i put my bags in "RESORT",i went for jungle trekking.
at first still ok with that,because form 3 that time went for a camp in johor,got such activities also.
but friend said the jungle there got many leeches.OMG!!!
*WHAT THE HELL* damn shit lar.
dont frightened me,scare lar.
the *jungle road* was...
i need help sometime,but the fellow in front of me damn STUPID.(skeleton)
din even know to take care of a girl.
eh,please lar,gentleman sikit boleh tak?
but suen ler,maybe he really don't know how to take care of a girl.
i asked my friend whether can called the leader or ass leader came over.
suddenly came to a stop,the guys in front of me kena leeches.
i really "pui fok" tat guy,wore SLIPPER for jungle trekking. GENG CHAU!!!!
now my turn!! KENA LEECHES!!!! DAMN IT!!!

Finally,the activities came to an end.
after that,we passed by a beach.
it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
the poi lam gang played until whole body get wet.
but my body still KERING punya.

its nice,rite?
soon min n me afte
r jungle trekking! (beach)
left(me,siew yee,poh ann,soon min)LOVE
Hope it really happen one day!after back from beach,sure go for BATH 1st lar.
stil lepak mehz,SWEAT! smelly lar.
oh ya,before we went for jungle treeking,everybody was given a piece of biscuit.
we need to keep it properly but then mine wan..BROKEN!!
i m d 1st who bath. syok lar.
but then d bathroom macam banjir when i came out.

after dinner,part of us went to beach AGAIN.
soon min wana found something name "blue tears"(chinese)
we searched for a long time.
and finally,d boys found it.
oh ya,they found hermit crabs also.

blue tears(small microorganisms with blue lights)

hermit crabsaround 11 like that,all nak balik hostel.
WALK!!! adui,tired lar.

Arrive to hostel

I'm back from pangkor.
well,many people said its was fun.
but for me,so far so good lar.
being CHEATED by poh ann.
is doesnt looks like a TRIP,more like a CAMP lorz.
i thought we will stay ina beautiful resort near the beach,who knows....


that's where i stayed for 3 days 2 nights.
the place was TERRIBLE.quite shocked when the door was opened.
my room there got about 5 doubler-decker bed.
got many lizard SHIT.hahaz=]
but doesn't matter,just cleaned it then OK!!
me n soon min just put our bags there,if i or her slept up there....
WAKAO!!! sure kena SHIT.