Monday, September 8, 2008

Form Five Annual Dinner

Today i looks pretty with those make up n beautiful clothes.
I love it a lots.
Today is our form five annual dinner.
I took many pictures with my buddies,my friends.
And 1 more things,i do enjoy on that day and i love our 5sc2 drama very much.
I act as the(搞įŽ‘į‰ˆ)Micheal Jackson.
Damn funny and many people said my shirt is nice,and i looks cool on that day.
I posted that pictures to my friendster,many friends dropped comment to me said i looks "MAN",syok lar!!
I want to post the drama to friendster,but then nobody record the drama really SWEAT lar.
The most interesting part of the drama was Pn.Chin that part.
When Sue Ann came out,all people shouted for her because she really act till....HANDAL!!~
Encik Ng also called her as Pn.Chin in class now,haha!
5PE fashion show was great.
The traditional custom looks nice especially Jia Yin that set.
I wondered where they can find those clothes lar.