Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friends Birthday

Today is 20th of july.
This is the day which my friend,Ni Yen celebrate her 17th birthday.
Well,I'm here to greet her HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
By the way, actually i dont really like her.
Her attitude really WORST.
She likes to show off herself, her boyfriend,and everything.
This makes many of my schoolmates hate her.
She always promised others but at last,she did nothing.
She will just said:"SORRY"..!
I dont like to hear about that and this makes me mad.
Well,I am now wondering what is her birthday present given by her boyfriend.
Few weeks before,she just keep on saying her gift will cost around 400 hundreds something.
Wow,its damn expensive.
Tomorrow i will know wheather she really get that 4oo+ presents.
Desperate to know about that.

Today i went parade with mei yee n my mum.
Something funny had happened.
Did you ever see a jewellery shop in a crowd?
hahaz=] I saw that today.
That shop was opened but with the door closed.
Thats really funny.
Because too many people went in there and they have not much staff to serve the customers.
That is why the guard not allow other people went in although they was some people came out.
After parade,i went to have my lunch.
I saw HIM. He looks cool when i said HI to him.
when i back to house,i message him.
After we have a chat,he asked me something.
He asked me" Yanyee,will you wait for me."
I dont know how to answered his question.
Luckily,he didnt asked much about that,because I reallt dont know how to answer that.
Actually I want to know more about him,so that our realationship can become closer.
But i think it might not happen,he stil looks cool.